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UCG council of elders chooses not to affirm Roy Holladay as president.
UCG elders vote for council members and will choose new chairman.
Wayne Cole announces retirement, gives advice based on his experiences in life/church.
Church of the Eternal God board reports.
Living Church of God member kills Pastor Randy Gregory, others, at church services.
Statements by Terry Ratzmann acquaintance shows shooter "very angry" at Living Church of God.
Medical examiner releases Terry Ratzmann's autopsy findings.
Churches of God helping with disaster relief in wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Hurricane Katrina Fund for Church of God members: Contact and donation information.
Common Ground plans pre-Feast Katrina work party.
Church of God International's minister's Religious Hardtalk expands to TV.
Intercontinental Church of God conducts meetings for leaders in St. Louis
Hurricane Recovery Effort Update: The Devastation Left by Katrina
WCG members both past and present reunite.
Worldwide in Big Sandy no longer meeting on Sabbath Web Site reaches MILLION Milestone.
UCG announces several changes in church's ministerial personnel.
Feast 2005: Feastgoers Report on their 2005 Observances.
Journal Web Site experiences record breaking month and year.
John Robinson, longtime church member and In Transition publisher, dies.
Other News and Articles
Living Church of God brethren mourn, bury their dead, ponder what happened, move on.
Roderick Meredith says the fallen in Brookfield on that dark day were martyrs.
The family of Bart Oliver, one of the LCG shooting vicitms, says God must have His reasons.
Founder says Legacy stands at a crossroads.
The brethren wrap up their Tabernacles reports for 2004.
A.N. Dugger congregation is back after almost 20 year
Book Review: Pam Dewey’s new book tells the Wild West of the story
Legacy volunteer Jessica Wilson gives her final report datelined Chiang Mai.
Two sibling pairs team up at awards ceremony.
Ambassador Watch Web Site Closes
Church Member has overwhelming response to Ten Commandments Calendar offer.
33 teens meet for CEM camp in Oklahoma
Book review: Steve Collins' wrap-up worth the read
Camper volunteers reach out to assist elderly needy in Kentucky
God answers a mother's prayers via a mercy flight
Teacher Jessica Wilson recalls her year in Thailand: exams, speeches, techno dancing.
Teacher gives update on earthquake, Thai army day
Church member Martha McIver helps fight frivolous lawsuits.
Church of God Big Sandy sponsors ' To God Be the Glory' conference.
Conference brings old friends back together to make new ones.
Staffer makes movie about a man and his fish.
Congregation looking for volunteer teachers for Legacy Institute in Thailand.
Faith Networks announced.
Kansas City congregation sponsors youth retreat.
New tutorials online for Jewish-calendar scholars
Ohio boy heads for peaceful summer camp.
Three cheers for Wayne and Doris Cole
Congregation sponsors annual family weekend
Expanded newborn screening can save your child's life
Commentaries, Columns and Essays
Only by sleight of hand can ministry be seen as God's government by Fred Coulter
Is tithing still binding on Christians? by Eric Snow.
Passover plus Unleavened Bread is only seven days, not eight by Mary Moon
Let the text of the Bible determine sacred-name doctrine by Sandra-Mae Robinson
Let's learn some lessons from Brookfield by Mark A. Kellner.
William Tyndale died for the right to read the Scriptures by Richard F. Griffiths
Personal theologies: All God's chillun' have one by Brian Knowles
Bad things do happen to good people by Dave Havir
During this season let us walk humbly by Don E. Haney
The winners get to define what's orthodox and what's not by Brian Knowles
The more we know, the less we understand. by Jim Stingl
All One Body, We - Letter about UCG Fast on June 4, 2005 by Rich Glasgow
Here's why eras based on Revelation 2-3 are not a myth by Bob Thiel
I know where the one true church is by Dave Havir
The UCG turns 10: It's now or never by Gavin Rumney.
Church of God can benefit from biblical leadership pattern by James McBride
'Work with them!' advised Dean Wilson by Brian Knowles
Is CG7 DEAD? by Calvin Burrell
If I am a SPY within CG7, what am I looking for? by Alan Knight
What are the three principles of spiritual health? by Dave Havir
Don’t throw baby out with bathwater by Wesley White.
Can we find a better church system than pastor-congregation? by Toli Bohonik
The South faces Reconstruction again due to Hurricane. by Darlene Warren
Do church leaders really cause schisms? by Dave Havir
What's on your mind? Go ahead, say it by Kathleen McCann
One little word can sum up effective personal evangelism by Peter Kamen
Elder advises deciding which beliefs are 'core' by Dixon Cartwright
'Democratization of the Holy Spirit' explained by Dixon Cartwright
What are tulips by any other name? by John Leitch
State of the faith inspires a rambling moan by Brian Knowles
Of freedom and decadence: Look back without anger by Kathleen McCann
Rejoice every time Christ is preached? by Dave Havir
Archbishop excommunicates parish by Dave Havir
COG veteran's sermon counsels members to live with differences by Dixon Cartwright
For everything there is a reason: Durn! Durn! Durn! by Darlene Warren.
The death of a child is every parent's worst nightmare by Mary Lingle
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