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Ohio boy heads for peaceful summer camp
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Ohio boy heads for peaceful summer camp

TROY, Ohio--Gregory Joseph, 11-year-old son of Brian and Angela Joseph, who attends the Dayton, Ohio, congregation of the United Church of God, has received a scholarship to attend the Children's International Summer Village (CISV) at Springfield, Mass.

The CISV is an organization that began 50 years ago with the dream of founder Doris Allen to help children live and work together in peace and friendship.

The CISV is an international camp at Springfield attended by 11-year-olds from 12 nations.

Gregory is one of four children chosen to represent the United States at the summer village in July. He will have the opportunity to spend four weeks with children from 12 countries. Emphasis at the camp will be on encouraging creative expression and close relationships among children.

"Each day the children come to realize that the differences between them are less important than the likenesses that bind them together," said Angela Joseph, Gregory's mother.

"Aiming to stimulate the development of intercultural respect and international understanding, CISV also seeks to prepare individuals for effective leadership roles in creating peaceful societies."

Gregory says he is excited at the prospect of attending the summer village camp, meeting new friends from around the world and being an example of how "God's way" works in his life.

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