In Transition

In Transition, published by John Robinson, was the predecessor of The Journal.  First started in May 1995, the newspaper ran for 22 issues until it ceased publication in January 1997.  Read why In Transition was created, the factors that led to its discontinuation, and its final farewell to its readers.

Volume 1, Issue #1
(May 5, 1995)  

Elders convene in Indianapolis,
organize United Church of God

First UCG Directors
Conduct Q & A with delegates

Global Church of God's
articles of incorporation

UCG Board Member:
Local Churches Should Keep Tithes

UCG Chairman's unity call,
collaborative church government

UCG Ministers hear guidelines
on setting up local churches

WCG's 1987 Bylaws reveal
close ties with 'association'

Volume 1, Issue #2
(May 26, 1995)

Ambassador Univ. graduates
362 in 45th commencement

Global COG amends bylaws,
empowers council of elders

Ministers Fired/Retired from
Worldwide Church of God

Press Release on members
and ministry forming UCG

Volume 1, Issue #3
(June 1995)

WCG Loses almost
40 percent of its Ministers

Letters to the Editor

Volume 1, Issue #4
(July 1995)

Interim Ambassador U. president
offers staff severance pay

Letters to the Editor

Volume 1, Issue #5
(August 1995)

Chairman David Hulme Discusses
Present, Future of UCG

Did WCG leaders
have doctrinal agenda?

What is the New Testament
form of church government?

Volume 1, Issue #6
(September 1995)

Former regent brings
federal suit against Ambassador

UCG releases draft
of constitution, bylaws

Joseph Tkach Sr. battles bone
cancer, names son successor

Volume 1, Issue #7
(October 1995)

In Transition interviews
Dr. Roderick Meredith

WCG linked with
shell corporations

Volume 1, Issue #8
(November 1995)

Former WCG youths seek
alternatives to Ambassador degree

Cult ministry claims big part
in WCG's doctrinal changes

Readers respond to issues
of UCG bylaws and governance

Ruth Tucker speaks to
students at Ambassador University

Why I left the
Worldwide Church of God

Volume 1, Issue #9
(December 1995)

Interview with Roderick C. Meredith,
Global Church of God

Los Angeles Times Recaps
WCG Doctrinal Changes

800 elders, wives convene for
UCG conference in Cincinnati, Ohio

Volume 2, Issue #1
(January 1996)

Hank Hanegraaff interviews
WCG leaders on massive changes.

Jubilee '95 in San Antonio
compares perspectives on Holy Days

Volume 2, Issue #2
(February 1996)

PCG founder Gerald Flurry
reveals basis of church

Writer traces common roots
of Church of God and SDAs

Volume 2, Issue #3
(March 1996)

Barnabas Ministries promotes
bridge-building among groups

Churches of God say
no to salary request

The model for church
government is the family

New wave of layoffs hits WCG

Volume 2, Issue #4
(April 1996)

Ex-CGI ministers create
new church at Tulsa meeting

Herbert Armstrong's nurse
pursues rights complaint

Global COG elder Larry Salyer
gives insights into WCG doctrinal shifts

Volume 2, Issue #5
(May 1996)

Azuza Pacific dean addresses
1996 Ambassador University graduates

In Transition marks its first year

Sabbatarian pioneer John Kiesz
spent life in music ministry

Minister David Covington resigns,
accuses WCG of spiritual abuse

Black member examines
race relations in church

UCG council meets, discusses
crisis of trust, office location

United Church of God
reaches first anniversary

Volume 2, Issue #6
(June 1996)

UCG's "Spirit of Indianapolis" revisited

UCG elders ponder
church headquarters move

Volume 2, Issue #7
(July 1996)

Ambassador University budget
slashed, more layoffs occur

South African eyewitness
chronicles church changes

Volume 2, Issue #8
(August 1996)

Brethren tell why
they don't go to church

Gerald Waterhouse tells
why he joined UCG

Joseph Tkach gives specifics
of new WCG vision

Why we attend a
Stay-at-Home Church of God

Volume 2, Issue #9
(September 1996)

WCG cuts Ambassador University's
$1.2 million annual subsidy

Ambassador University starts
50th year without subsidy from WCG

Volume 2, Issue #10
(October 1996)

Former student remembers
Ambassador Univ. student underground

In Transition to cease
publication in early 1997.

WCG survey asks when to keep
Feast of Tabernacles, Fee proposed

Volume 2, Issue #11
(November 1996)

Ambassador University's 57-acre
golf course opens to public

Feast attendance totals listed

Global Church of God faces
cutbacks, dismisses employees

Volume 2, Issue #12
(December 1996)

Aaron Dean, aide to Herbert Armstrong
and Joseph Tkach Sr., speaks

Open letter from pastor Ron Weinland
on UCG concerns/problems.

The seat of Moses
is not the WCG hierarchy

UCG grapples with
church governance woes.

History of church government
in WCG (part 1 of 2)

Volume 3, Issue #1
(January 1997)

Ambassador University to shut
doors after 50 years

Ron Dart discusses Herbert
Armstrong and disillusionment

Ambassador University full
of history, memories

Longtime minister Judd Kirk
fights alcohol abuse

UCG council fields Big
Sandy brethren's questions

Texas unpaid UCG elder
attends council meetings, reports

UCG elders say constitution,
not blown budget, the issue

UCG churches struggle
with differences in approach

WCG church government
up to Tkach era (part 2 of 2)

WCG pastor general tells church
members to resume tithing

Letters to the Editor

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