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Ruth Tucker speaks to students at Ambassador University

By Mac Overton

BIG SANDY, Texas--Noted Christian author Dr. Ruth Tucker gave students at Ambassador University "Stories and reflections on our Christian Heritage--from St. Augustine to Herbert W. Armstrong" at student forum Nov. 9.

Dr. Tucker, a 1967 graduate and current board member of LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas, was in East Texas to present a series of messages during Spiritual Emphasis Week at LeTourneau.

AU president Russell Duke, in introducing Dr. Tucker, described her as "being in the forefront of writing" about the doctrines which WCG revised.

He said she had been in contact with Mr. Tkach and Mike Feazell for several years, "helping in the analysis of doctrine and where we are."

A professor of religion and history at Trinity International University, Dr. Tucker will be speaking to WCG pastors at regional conferences, Dr. Duke said.

In her forum presentation, she related stories of Christian leaders through the ages and the challenges they faced, She pointed to not only their successes, but their flaws.

"If we look for perfect saints in our history, we will find none," she said.

She told of the great revival led by John Wesley, which led to today's Methodist Church.

Dr. Tucker also described the great period of apocalyptic speculation in the early 1800s which resulted in the Millerite movement. Out of that period came the Seventh-day Adventists. Herbert W. Armstrong, who became converted after his wife Loma came in contact with a Sabbatarian group, went on to preach a prophetic gospel which led to the growth of the Worldwide Church of God.

After Armstrong's death, his successors worked to bring the WCG into the Christian mainstream.

She implied comparisons between Joseph Tkach Sr. and John Wesley, who she said came from a rigid legalistic religious tradition. Both worked to reform the orthodoxy in which they had been operating.

"There was more unity in the early church than in any age since," Dr. Tucker said.

She said the history of the Christian church has largely been a history of fragmentation, with different people in every age rising up to challenge the prevailing tradition.

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