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Feast 1996 attendance totals listed

An estimated 85,000 Worldwide Church of God members and former WCG members kept the Feast of Tabernacles the last part of September and first few days of October at regional sites around the world.

Reports from independent groups have continued to arrive at In Transition's offices, and the Worldwide Church of God reported its attendance in the Oct. 29 issue of The Worldwide News. Although the WN did not report a worldwide attendance total, the sites listed in the issue added up to about 45,000.

This year's WCG attendance is the lowest in almost 30 years.

As earlier reported (In Transition, Oct. 28, page 1) about 40,000 former WCG members observed the Feast at organized sites. An undetermined number of former WCG members, sometimes referred to as the Stay-at-Home church of God, also observed the Holy Days.

Of the 40,000 non-WCG brethren observing the festival, half (20,233) attended United Church of God services. The next-highest attendance was that of the Global Church of God, which reported an attendance of 6,504. The Philadelphia Church of God reported an attendance of 4,811, and the Church of God International reported that 2,302 attended its services.

The four major offshoots accounted for a combined attendance of 33,850.

In addition, more than 40 independent groups sponsored Feast sites this year. About 60 percent of the independent groups reported attendance figures to In Transition totaling 4,341. In Transition projects, based on the fact that groups not reporting probably represent smaller attendance figures, that some 6,000 attended independent sites.

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