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Worldwide Church of God linked with shell corporations

By Mac Overton

A federal lawsuit by a former Ambassador University regent against AU, the Worldwide Church of God and top officials of both also names a number of so-called shell corporations affiliated either with the WCG or its late pastor general, Joseph W. Tkach.

According to Houston, Texas, attorney George Crow, who represents Dr. John Merritt, he hopes to learn information about internal operations of the WCG using the discovery phase of Dr. Merritt's $7 million lawsuit.

The shells named in the suit include Colorado, Utah and Nevada corporations, all linked with the late pastor general and his successors.

"There's been a lot of activity in the Colorado corporation since the first of the year," Mr. Crow said.

"There were a lot of corporations set up in 1978 in which the names Garner Ted Armstrong, Church of God International, Ralph Helge and Stanley Rader are interconnected," Mr. Crow said.

According to Mr. Crow, Mr. Helge, an attorney for the WCG, had registered the names Garner Ted Armstrong and Church of God International in at least 43 states in an effort to hamper GTA's organization formed in 1978.

Other WCG-affiliated corporations, which were not named in the suit, include:

  • Reorganized and Reformed Worldwide Church of God (incorporated in 1993)
  • Foundation for Pygmy Survival
  • Foundation for the Preservation of the Estate, Herbert W. Armstrong the Apostle of the Churches of God and his successors
  • Regal Insurance Companies of North America
  • Regal Metals Ltd.
  • Southwest Business Services Inc.

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