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In Transition to cease publication in early 1997

In Transition will cease regular publication with the January 1997 issue.

It is with mixed emotions that we, the publishers, have reached this decision. We fully realize that many of our readers will be disappointed with our decision.

Our decision is based on several major reasons, which are difficult to rank in order of importance. The factors include:

  • There is an increasing calcification within the different fellowships of the church of God. There is a growing tendency for ministers and other members to view their group as the only true church or, at least, to view themselves or their group as spiritually superior to others within the Body of Christ.

  • The publication has, especially in the letters section (due to IT's open editorial policy), attracted an increasing variety of commentary and opinions. Many develop a particular passion about doctrinal or administrative fine points that serves more to polarize than to unify the different fellowships of the WCG offshoots and the greater Sabbatarian community.

We are producing this October issue and three more issues and we plan to continue giving you the same level of professional coverage you've come to expect.

You, our readers, remain profoundly special to all of who have been directly involved in the production of this publication. This paper would not have been possible without the support of thousands of you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. As we've said before, the people of God are truly wonderful.

We invite your comments on our decision. We have several remaining issues in which to discuss your views.

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