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Why In Transition Newspaper?

By John Robinson

For many months members of the Worldwide Church of God have faced a situation unprecedented in the history of their church. Long-held beliefs members have dearly sacrificed for have been officially negated and replaced by doctrines that are diametrically opposed to teachings that led members into the church. The alterations have emanated from the top of the church hierarchy.

Members, including many ministers, have felt dazed by the events of the past months. Not a few have felt they were dealt with in a heavy-handed manner.

With change of this magnitude, where do members go who believe the Sabbath is different from other days of the week and who believe that the Holy Days are to be observed? Where can disenfranchised members look for positive developments in the realm of fellowship, worship and understanding? Several groups formed over the years trace their origins to the Worldwide Church of God, the most prominent of which have been the Church of God International and the Global Church of God. However, new groups based in Alabama, Texas and California have formed congregations.

In an effort to furnish church members with information to help them make informed decisions, the publishers present this newspaper. It is our belief that we have brothers and sisters in many of the groups formed in recent decades. Our goal will be to reach out to those who share so many beliefs.

Our first issue has been rather rushed, to allow us to get to you as quickly as possible, and in some detail, the many events that have taken place recently. We hope you find the information helpful and enlightening. We believe that an informed church is a strong church.

Most of us who helped put this first issue together also worked together in the early 1970s on The Worldwide News, the newspaper published by the WCG California. (Incidentally, we use the term "WCG California" to avoid confusion with the newly formed Worldwide Church of God Texas.)

We took great pride in trying to provide candid, accurate reports in the WN, even though it was an in-house publication.We will do no less for you this time. In fact, as an independent publication we will have greater latitude in bringing you pertinent material in a professional and straightforward manner. We look forward to your comments and observations and your contributions.

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