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UCG elders vote for council members,
will choose new chairman.
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UCG elders vote for council members,
will choose new chairman.

John Warren
By John Warren
The writer, from Big Sandy, Texas, attended this year's general conference of elders representing The Journal: News of the Churches of God.

CINCINNATI, Ohio--Members of the general conference of elders of the United Church of God an International Association voted for nominees for the 12-man council of elders on Sunday morning, May 15.

By 4 o'clock in the afternoon newly elected president Clyde Kilough announced that he had the results back from the auditing firm that had counted the ballots.

Two nominees had run for the one seat (of three) that was open on the council for "international" representation. They were William Eddington of Australia and Joel Meeker of St. Louis, Mo.

Mr. Kilough announced that Mr. Meeker won election to the council.

(Even though Mr. Meeker lives in the United States, he qualifies as part of the international, or foreign, ministry because he speaks French and works with French-speaking church members in various countries.)

Three positions on the council were open for U.S. elders. The nominees were Gary Antion of the Cincinnati area, Aaron Dean of Gladewater, Texas, Jim Franks of Houston, Texas, Dennis Luker of Bothell, Wash., Richard Pinelli of the Cincinnati area and Larry Salyer of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Doug Horchak of the Dallas, Texas, area, whose term had expired, did not seek reelection.

Garnering the most votes for the U.S. seats were incumbent council members Mr. Dean and Mr. Franks and a newcomer to the council of elders, Mr. Salyer.

In the coming days the council will deliberate over who will replace the Mr. Kilough as council chairman.

Mr. Kilough is replacing Roy Holladay, who lives in the Cincinnati area, as president. Mr. Holladay will soon relocate to Tennessee to serve as a church pastor.

United's bylaws do not allow one man to hold both the presidency and chairmanship concurrently.

Mr. Kilough and his wife, Dee, who live in Antelope, Calif., will relocate to the Cincinnati area in the near future as he takes over the church-management team, based at the church's home office, in the Cincinnati suburb of Milford.

Although the official work of the approximately 400-member general conference of elders happened Sunday, May 15, the council planned to meet for a few more days at the site of the conference, the Holiday Inn Eastgate in Cincinnati.

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