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Announcements, Prayer Requests and Obituaries - Issue 102
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Announcements/Prayer Requests/Obituaries
Prayer Requests
Peggy Boyce, Springfield, MO, suffering from breast cancer, heart trouble and now a broken foot due to a fall.

Mary Callahan, mother of Judy Herman, Perry, Kan., recovering from heart surgery.

Gabrielle Engle, Houston, Texas, area, hospitalized with very high fever.

Cindy Frey, 207 Batemane Place, Bullard, TX 75757, tests pending to determine cause of headaches and loss of equilibrium.

Rose Gardner, 919 Hamilton St., Memphis, TN 38116, diagnosed with angina.

Marie Hall, 3831 CR 151, Bedias, TX 77831, blockage in her legs. Further tests pending.

Bob Johnson, cousin of Ted Sterling of Bolivar, Mo., awaiting back surgery.

Charlotte Laukert, Nashville, Tenn., fell and shattered her hip. Due to her medical history (emphysema, diabetes, below-the-knee amputation and lung-cancer survivor), she is not a candidate for surgery.

Cheryl Murphy (granddaughter of Jim and Pat Quarles) just graduated from nursing school and is seeking employment.

Carol Rupp, Cole Camp, Mo., suffering from a ruptured disk in her neck. Surgery may be necessary.

Dee Washington, 1088 Park Plaza Dr., Bldg. 8, No. 835, Austin, TX 78753, requires dialysis three times a week and needs encouragement.

Donna Wheelbarger, cousin of Ted Sterling of Boliver, Mo., has liver cancer and needs a transplant.

Prayer Requests (cont.)
Rose Austin, 1285 Cleaver Rd., Caro, MI 48723, long-time member of the Church of God, has been in a nursing home for several months. She would appreciate prayers and also cards of encouragement.

Gary Amick

Gary Amick of ACTS magazine and Church of God Publishing House died unexpectedly Sunday, July 10. Gary also wrote the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly for the Church of God Seventh Day.

Glenn Allen Wilson

Glenn Allen Wilson, 87, passed away May 4 in Oakland, Calif. Mr. Wilson was born Feb. 14, 1918, in Dover, Minn. He was preceded in death by his brother, Keith Wilson. He is survived by his loving wife of 57 years, Eunice; their daughter, Nancy Charles; sons, Thomas and Scott Wilson, and 8 grandchildren.

Sylvia Nada Bjoraker
Sylvia Nada Bjoraker

Sylvia Nada Bjoraker of Hawkins, Texas, died July 20. Mrs. Bjoraker was born Dec. 31, 1918 in Limon, Colo., to James and Kristina Kabela. Her husband of 45 years, Adolph Bjoraker, and her brother James Kabela of Tucson, Ariz., preceded her in death. She is survived by her twin sister, Martha Bjoraker; four children, Mary Ahrens, Glenn and Jovita Bjoraker, Shirley and Benton Nesmith and Don and Gladie Bjoraker; eight grandchildren, Ellen Allen, Ernie Ahrens, Roberta Nelson, Tim Bjoraker, Tealman Bjoraker, Scott Nesmith, Erik Bjoraker and Leif Bjoraker; five great-grandchildren, Jennifer Fisher, Jerry Allen, Ernest Ahrens, Christoffer Nelson, and Samantha Nelson; and two great-great-grandchildren, Travis Fisher and Tanner Fisher. Mr. C. Wayne Cole officiated the service.

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