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Notes and Quotes from the church of God - Issue 97
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Notes and quotes
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You're invited to East Africa

EMBU, Kenya--The Church of God Sabbath Assembly East Africa and the Church of God Makima-Mbeere invite you to a Passover, Unleavened Bread and Pentecost observance April 23-30 and June 12.

"Please do not miss this chance to hear the whole truth of God preached and to worship God in truth and spirit," announced Peter Gichovi Samwel Njeru, overseer pastor.

Mr. Njeru said someone from the church would meet anyone flying in from outside Kenya at the airport or bus park "or wherever you will tell us to meet you."

For more information write or P.O. Box 521, Embu 60100, Embu, Kenya.

24-7 radio

LONDON, England--John Jewell announces that the ministry he directs has a new Internet radio station up and running with round-the-clock programming seven days a week.

The ministry's What Next flagship broadcast plays at the top of the hour, Letter From London at the bottom, Mr. Jewell said.

"Both of these programs focus upon a warning message and a message of hope."

A mix of several other programs, including one called Creation or Evolution, rounds out the programming fare.

Check it out at

Dr. Sam pledges allegiance

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich.--Samuele Bacchiocchi, the retired college professor and Seventh-day Adventist Bible scholar, took the oath of allegiance to the U.S. Constitution Jan. 24 with 450 other people and became an American citizen.

"You may be wondering why I waited 30 years to apply for citizenship," Dr. Bacchiocchi said.

He waited because of his desire to overcome his Italian accent before becoming an American.

But after 30 years of trying to sound American, he said, he concluded there was no point in waiting any longer. "My Italian accent is here to stay."

Electronic resources

BLUFFTON, Ind.--The Fort Wayne, Ind., congregation of the United Church of God offers new "electronic resources" on its Web site, announced Scott Moss.

They include a Web log, or blog, authored by Fort Wayne pastor Darris McNeely, a free E-newsletter called Longitude and a companion blog titled Notes on the Journey.

Go to to find out what's going on.

Write Mr. Moss at

New blog

FEDERAL WAY, Wash.--Kenneth Westby announces a new blog at his Web site,, sponsored by his Association for Christian Development.

The blog, or Web log, is a daily commentary on a variety of topics, he said, including current events, religion, prophecy and doctrine.

Regular bloggers will include Brian Knowles, Ken Ryland and Mr. Westby.

Visit the site for more information. Readers of and contributors to the commentary are welcome.

Best Feast ever

PASADENA, Calif.--For the best Feast ever, request a tape from David Antion called "How to Make Sure You Have the Best Feast Ever."

The tape will invite you to observe Feast of Tabernacles 2005 at the site sponsored by Guardian Ministries, directed by Dr. Antion. The location: Pala Mesa, north of San Diego, Calif.

To request the tape and for more info, write For information about accommodations, visit or call (800) 722-4700.

Jubilee year

LOVELAND, Colo.--Word of Truth Ministry has a new booklet available, The Jubilee Year. It's free of charge and it explains all the Bible's instructions about the jubilee year, announced David R. Kenders. It also gives instruction about the sabbatical and third year of tithing.

"This is a must read for the believer who wants to fully obey all of Yahweh's biblical instructions," Mr. Kenders said.

Request the booklet by writing or 7411 WCR, 24H, Loveland, Colo. 80538, U.S.A. Or call Mr. Kenders at (970) 667-9203.

19th anniversary

SYDNEY, Australia--Craig White notes that the anniversary of Worldwide Church of God founder Herbert W. Armstrong's death this year marked precisely 19 years on both the Gregorian and Hillel calendars.

Mr. Armstrong died Jan. 16, 1986, which was also Shebat 6 on the Jewish calendar. Not surprisingly, since the latter is based on 19-year lunar-solar time cycles, the anniversary this year also fell on Jan. 16 and Shebat 6.

Knoxville church's invitation

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.--The 7th Day Church of God of Knoxville announces Sabbath services and Friday-night Bible studies every week at its location at 6714-G Central Ave. Pike.

Services include classes for youths and children, announced Mary Carr, wife of pastor Mark Carr. For information write Mr. or Mrs. Carr at or P.O. Box 70635, Knoxville, Tenn. 37938, U.S.A.

Read Notes & Quotes from:
Issue 96 | Issue 98

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