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New tutorials online for Jewish calendar scholars
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New tutorials online for Jewish-calendar scholars

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa--Frank Nelte has added a directory to his Web site called "Jewish Calendar Tutorials."

"While I have done all the necessary calculations for you in the various tutorials, I believe that these tutorials should enable the majority of the people in the various Churches of God to grasp exactly how the Jewish calendar for every year is determined. It should also enable you to easily work out for yourself the exact Jewish-calendar dates for any other year of your own choice."

The new directory also features several subdirectories, one of which gives the exact text of the letter from the department of agriculture in Israel regarding the barley harvest in the Holy Land.

"Another subdirectory gives the exact text of Mr. Kenneth Herrmann's 1969 calendar letter," Mr. Nelte said. The Web site's address is Write Mr. Nelte at

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