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Ambassador Watch's creator puts his
controversial Web site 'out to pasture'

After five years on the Web, the Ambassador Watch Web site, earlier known as The Missing Dimension, has been "put out to pasture," says its creator and operator, Gavin Rumney.

Gavin Rumney

The upkeep of the site, at, which took a highly skeptical approach to much that goes on in the various Churches of God, was "hugely time-consuming," Mr. Rumney told The Journal Dec. 20.

"Twenty hours a week was the bare minimum to keep it rolling over," he said, "and requests for information and resulting workload was becoming unmanageable."

Mr. Rumney, a former Worldwide Church of God member who lives in the Auckland, New Zealand, area, said that, from the beginning, "I wanted to create a place where the issues of accountability in the various churches--both financial and structural--could be aired."

"After five years I felt that there wasn't much else to add to that basic message and that it was time to move on."

The Journal plans to run more details and perhaps an interview with Mr. Rumney in the print version of The Journal.

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