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Notes and Quotes from the church of God - Issue 99
Encouraging Communication among the Churches of God
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Notes and Quotes from the church of God
Issue 99
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CCG’s 25th: You’re invited

AMARILLO, Texas—The Christian Church of God (CCG) of Amarillo will celebrate its 25th anniversary as a congregation on Pentecost weekend, June 11-12, announced Pastor Jeff Booth.

Elders, besides Mr. Booth, serving the CCG are Jerry McClenagan of Amarillo and Joe Kirkpatrick of Portales, N.M.

The CCG in 1987 designed and built the building that still serves the congregation.

Featured speaker will be Calvin Burrell of Houston, Texas, editor of The Bible Advocate, published by the Church of God Seventh Day) denomination headquartered in Denver, Colo.

Write Mr. Booth at or phone him at (806) 353-4400.

Final prophecy

DAYTON, Ohio—Kenneth Plummer announces that his Web site is now open to the public for downloading his book Final Prophecy.

"My book reveals end-time prophecy," Mr. Plummer said. "Considering the times we live in, without the prophecy we have a problem. Without the prophecy you're not going to know where you stand in the area of the endtime events and circumstances."

Visit, or write Mr. Plummer at P.O. Box 555, Dayton, Ohio 45404. See also Mr. Plummer's announcement on page 13 of this issue of The Journal.

Origins of nations

SYDNEY, Australia—Craig White, who operates the Origin of Nations Web site, announces that the final draft of his research paper on the congregations in the Eastern Mediterranean is available at

"I am very grateful to the Rochedale Fellowship for inviting me to give a PowerPoint presentation on the subject," Mr. White said.

"At least 60 members from several groups—CES, CBCG, UCG, WCG, FIG, independents —were in attendance" at the meeting in Rochedale, Queensland.

Feast at McCall

ONTARIO, Ore.—Al Murrey announces a Feast of Tabernacles site for McCall, Idaho, a two-hour drive north of Boise.

The observance will take place Oct. 17-25, starting with a "brief praise service" the evening of the 17th, Mr. Murrey said.

For more information call Wes Higgins at (208) 549-2537 or Mr. Murrey at (208) 922-9299.

For lodging information see the Web site of the Celebration Church of God at www.

Baby Boomer Music

MILFORD, Ohio—The United Church of God, based here, has begun airing one of its weekly radio broadcasts over Baby Boomer Music, an Internetbased station that broadcasts at

The program, moderated by UCG elder Gary Petty of San Antonio, Texas, airs twice every Sunday at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Pacific time. The Web address for the broadcast is www.live365. com/stations/user8262?play.

"They will provide us with promotional advertising during the week to announce the program," said Peter Eddington, mediaoperations manager for the UCG. "The cost is free for everything."

The station also airs broadcasts of Billy Graham and the late Garner Ted Armstrong and sermons by UCG elder Ken Martin of Macon, Ga.

One God Seminars for free

AUBURN, Wash.—Attend the Association for Christian Development's One God Seminars in your home for free, suggests ACD founder Ken Westby.

If you cannot physically be there for the June 24-26 program near Akron, Ohio, you can dial up the entire program for free.

Dial (918) 222-7158 and enter the code 0566#. Meeting times are 9 to 5 Friday and Saturday and 8 to noon Sunday, eastern time.

Journal Web-site milestone

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.— Journal webmaster Alan Ruth announced a "major milestone" for this newspaper's Web site,

"For the first five months of this year the site attracted more visitors viewing more of its Web pages than it did for ALL of last year," Mr. Ruth said.

From January to May The Journal's site experienced 452,222 page views by 92,607 "actual visitors," he said.

For the entirety of 2004 the site served 426,776 pages accessed by 90,667 visitors.

The Journal's site has experienced a 342 percent increase in the number of its Web pages viewed and a 362 percent jump in visitors for the January-May period compared to same period last year.

* * * UPDATE * * *

For the first seven months of 2005 (January to July), The Journal site a had 686,965 of its Web pages viewed (page views) by 122,315 actual visitors.

In early December 2005 The Journal site will achieve the milestone of ONE MILLION of its Web pages requested for a single year. This year will be the first time the site has reached the one million page plateau since it was started in 1997.

The Journal Web site now serves about 17,500 visitors each month, which is FIVE TIMES the average monthly circulation of the postal mailed newspaper edition.

For information on Web site advertising,
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contact the Webmaster directly.

New UCG media center

MILFORD, Ohio—Progress continues toward construction of the United Church of God's new media center at its home office.

"We anticipate construction beginning around the first week of June after local county permits are approved and secured," said Peter Eddington, mediaoperations manager for the church.

Also Read Notes & Quotes from Issue 100

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