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ICG conducts meetings for leaders in St. Louis
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ICG conducts meetings for leaders in St. Louis
By Chris Cumming
The writer is a minister of the Intercontinental Church of God, headquartered near Tyler, Texas. Mr. Cumming lives in Bellevue, Wash.

ST. LOUIS, Mo.—Seventy-five to 80 ministers, hosts and their wives of the Intercontinental Church of God (ICG) gathered in balmy St. Louis May 21-22 for Leadership Conference 2005.

The St. Louis church played host to the event. The speakers included conference coordinator James Ricks along with ministers Stan Roberts, Tom Griffith and Wendell Yeary.

James Ricks
James Ricks

The conference took place at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel, with Sabbath services conducted at the nearby Holiday Inn Riverport. Mark Armstrong and Shirley Armstrong, son and widow of church founder Garner Ted Armstrong, attended this conference. Six classes were presented during the two days of meetings. Their titles:

  • "Goals of the Church and Ministry."

  • "Servant Leadership/How to Give a Sermonette."

  • "Public Speaking."

  • "Conflict Resolution."

  • "Preparing Topics for Speaking and Biblical Depth."

  • "Uplifting People and Handling Difficult People."

Attendees enjoyed a luncheon after James Ricks Sabbath-morning classes at the Sheraton. A dinner was scheduled for that evening at the Holiday Inn.

Throughout the weekend the men gave five-minute icebreakers, providing everyone the opportunity to get to know the ministers and hosts who had come from across the United States and Canada for the conference.

Several were meeting in person for the first time despite long relationships by phone and E-mail.

Sabbath services took place in the Pavilion Room of the Holiday Inn. It was virtually standing room only, with about 120 in attendance, including several attending God's church for the first time.

Mr. Armstrong delivered an opening message. Mr. Ricks then gave a sermon titled "Is God Calling You?"

Three ordinations took place over the weekend. Darwyn Jarvis was ordained to local elder. Mr. Jarvis serves the Bismarck, Mo., congregation.

Both Bernie Bercosky and Robert Nunnery were ordained as regional elders. Mr. Bercosky serves the U.S. Northeast, while Mr. Nunnery does the same in the Southeast.

Regional elders have the added duty of serving a number of local churches in a multiple-state area.

Many stated this was the best leadership conference they had ever attended.

The atmosphere of love and unity was apparent to all who were there. Many remarked that it was like being at the Feast of Tabernacles.

Several commented that they were already looking forward to the conference next year.

The Intercontinental Church of God is looking for an increase in regional conferences and leadershiptraining classes in 2006 as well.

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