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Notes and Quotes - Issue 105
Encouraging Communication among the Churches of God
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Notes and Quotes

COG money

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.--Webmaster Alan Ruth announces that The Journal's Web site ( is posting information on yearly tax returns for several Church of God ministries and other organizations.

The Journal's newest section contains financial information, gleaned from free, publicly available sources, for several tax-exempt COG-related outreaches and two of the three biggest Churches of God.

To view the information go to See links to data from Ambassador University, the Bible Sabbath Association, Christian Educational Ministries, the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association, LifeNets Ministries, the Living Church of God, Giving & Sharing, the Church of God an International Community, and others.

ACD seminar set for Atlanta

AUBURN, Wash.--Kenneth Westby urges you to mark your calendar so you won't miss his One God Seminars set for May 19-21, 2006.

The fifth annual seminar series, to discuss and debate the nature of God and Jesus, is scheduled for Atlanta, Ga.

"This Southeast America location will make our seminars accessible to probably the largest group of interested people yet," Mr. Westby said.

Mr. Westby and his Association for Christian Development are soliciting ideas for specific topics and new presenters, including "an articulate opposition speaker" who would argue against the "unitarian" view.

For more information, visit or write Mr. Westby at

Vessels of mercy

WEST BROMWICH, England--Tom Mahon has a new Church of God- related Web site at

"It does not represent a new church," Mr. Mahon told The Journal. The site is "still under construction, but it is up and running."

Wedding invitation

BIG SANDY, Texas--You're invited to a wedding. Jamie Melinda Cartwright, daughter of Dixon and Linda Cartwright of Big Sandy, and Robert Austin Payne, son of Jeff and Kathy Payne of Beaumont, Texas, plan to marry Sunday, Feb. 5.

The ceremony will take place at 2 p.m. in the building owned by the Church of God Big Sandy with the bride's "papaw," Ellis Stewart, also of Big Sandy, conducting the ceremony.

Help Mrs. McClure

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.--Mark Carr of Return to Torah Ministries (affiliated with the 7th Day Church of God) told The Journal recently about a project he and fellow ministry members have tackled: to raise $1,200 to move a donated mobile home to help Judith McClure of Metropolis, Ill.

Mrs. McClure, 68, was living in a 36-year-old dilapidated, moldy, unsafe trailer house.

Since Mrs. McClure's husband, Darrell, died unexpectedly 10 years ago, she has not had the means to keep up her property while working as a caretaker for other people in their residences.

Return to Torah acquired a donated replacement mobile home for Mrs. McClure and needs about $1,100 to move it to her location.

To help Mrs. McClure, who presently lives in a 10-by-10-foot area of her old trailer next to a gas heater to keep her warm, write Return to Torah Ministries at P.O. Box 70635, Knoxville, Tenn. 37938, U.S.A., or write Mr. Carr at Or call (865) 922-5420.

"We seek to minister to the windows, orphans, to the elderly and those who have a pure love for God and His Son Jesus in their heart," according to a statement on the ministry's Web site.

Donations to Return to Torah are tax-deductible in the United States.

Prayer requests

BISMARCK, N.D.--To read and send in prayer requests, ask questions and read answers about the Bible and learn about new archaeological discoveries, visit Darwin and Laura Lee's Web site, at

The Lees' site, which welcomes "the entire world," even has pleasant background music.

Friends of the Sabbath British Isles

ABBEYDALE, England--Robert Taylor invites everyone to the Friends of the Sabbath British Isles' Web site and to the Friends' international conference Sunday and Monday, May 28-29. Mr. Taylor said guest speakers will include Seventh-day Adventist scholar and writer Samuele Bacchiocchi of Berrien Springs, Mich.

For more information visit or write Friends of the Sabbath British Isles, c/o BSAUK, P.O. Box 2086, Abbeydale, Gloucester, U.K. GL4 4WD.

WCG news

PASADENA, Calif.--An article in the November-December issue of WCG Today, the Worldwide Church of God's member newsletter, announced that Matthew Morgan has taken over the duties of the recently retired Ron Kelly as controller.

An article by Mr. Morgan also mentioned progress on the church's move to a new headquarters building in Glendora, east of Pasadena.

"Most interior demolition and earthquake retrofitting is complete," he said, and "plans are in place to begin the task of remodeling."

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