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Church Member Has Overwhelming Response
to Ten Commandments Calendar Offer
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Church Member Has Overwhelming Response
to Ten Commandments Calendar Offer

A deluge of requests for a free 2006 Ten Commandments calendar takes sponsoring church of God (Church of God) member by surprise and causes offer to be halted.

While looking for avenues to promote the distribution of his calendar, Jim Ussery of Big Sandy, Texas discovered that The Bible Study Web site was giving select new advertisers free Internet ad space. After deciding to take advantage of this opportunity He Emailed the site a brief ad description. Using the ad description the site created an online form that allowed requestors to enter in their postal mailing addresses and Email them directly to Jim. The calendar ad was placed on the Internet Nov. 22, 2005 (Thanksgiving holiday week in the U.S.).

The first several days of the ad brought Jim a steady stream of orders to his Email box. God, however, would soon cause something unexpected to occur.

Early on Nov. 29th some popular, non-religious Internet sites decided to post a link directly to the page on which the calendar order form was placed. Emails began pouring in at such a fast rate that 774 calendar requests were received between 9am to 5pm! Before the ad was removed at 10:30pm on the 29th due to high demand, an amazing 1,130 people had submitted requests for the Ten Commandments calendar!

In only seven days a total of 1,315 calendar requests came in not only from the U.S. and Canada, but also from countries such as:

Algeria,  China,  Croatia, Ghana,  Iceland,  India,  Kenya,  New Zealand,  PakistanPoland,  Sri Lanka and Venezuela.

The free calendar, however, was not the only material promoted on The Bible Study Web site's very popular Free Offer Page.

A book given away by former WCG-minister Ark Mokarow was also listed on the Free Offer page and attracted 524 orders from Nov. 29th to Dec. 3rd.  He has received over 18,000+ requests for his books off of  Listed as well was a study DVD offered by the Church of God, Worldwide Ministries.  From Nov. 29th to Dec. 1st the group was inundated with 651 requests from around the world.

The tremendous demand through for both the calendar and the DVD caused their sponsors to remove their Internet ads. This marked the second and third time in only TEN weeks (the first being Guardian Ministries' removal of their 11-day old Web ad promoting a David Antion booklet) an outreach was overwhelmed by the world’s HUNGER for what the Bible teaches.

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