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Record-Breaking Month and Year
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Record-Breaking Month and Year

The Journal: News of the Churches of God Web site at recently finished its BUSIEST year ever with a record-setting month in terms of articles requested.

For December 2005 the site served 142,539 Web pages to 22,462 visitors. This represents an impressive 160% jump in site materials delivered and a DOUBLING of traffic compared to the same month in 2004.

Three-Year Comparison of's Performance
(based on number of Web pages viewed)
Three-Year Comparison  of's Performance

Year-end totals for 2005 show the site dramatically improved its visitor-base by 154% and the amount of materials transmitted (page views) by 219% compared to 2004.

Off and Running

The new year promises to bring a continuation of the site's increasing popularity.

On January 6th 2006 The Journal site announced the addition of TWO brand new sections:

  • Church of God Money: Contains yearly financial information for several tax-exempt Church of God-related outreaches (Ambassador University, CEM, Plain Truth Ministries,, etc.) and two of the three biggest Churches of God.

  • Church of God Logos: A collection of more than 55 logos and emblems used by Church of God churches, outreaches and Web sites.

These new offerings have already begun attracting more traffic to The site is projected, based on early January stats, to top Jan. 2004's visitor count by at least 50% and to more than double the number of articles and materials it served.

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