Church of God Memorial

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Bill B. Waggoner
November 2000

David Anthony Wakin
May 1998

Dorothy (Dot) Walker
June 2004

Elereta Walker
November 2003

Jessie Mae Walker
August 2007

Laura Wallace
June 1999

Ron Wallen
February 2002

George Waller
June 2000

Grace Waller
June 2000

Jan Waller
January 2000

Joe Waller
March 2004

Joe Waller, a Church of God minister of Piedmont, Mo., died March 1 of cancer. The family would like to thank everyone for the many calls and cards. They are also thankful for the prayers on Joe's behalf and that he did not suffer much pain throughout his short ordeal.

Peter Wanjon
November 2006

Louise Wantlin
March 2002

Charlie Henry Warren
July 2000

Elliot Maxwell Warren
November 1999

Manford Warren

October 2006

Walter H. Warrington
May 2005

John Joseph Warzycki
July 2001

Rose Harris Washington
August 2000

Gerald Waterhouse
September 2002

Hilda Waters
December 2005

Mammy Watkins
April 1998

Warren Watson
January 2000

Don Waugaman
September 2003

Norah Weekes
November 2002

Kenneth Virgil Weese
October 2000

Kenneth Virgil Weese, 63, of Big Sandy, Texas died October 21. Mr. Weese was a member of the Worldwide Church of God and employee of Ambassador College for many years. Memorial services were held at the Church of God Big Sandy and conducted by Mr. David Orban. Mr. Weese is survived by his wife Donna, two sons Wayne and Terry, and grandchildren.

Earl T. Wegner
March 2002

Chuck Weir
August 2007

Bonnie Wellborn
February 2004

Bonnie Wellborn leaves behind her husband of 53 years, Ralph; four sons; two daughters; eight grandkids; and four great-grandkids. Ralph and Bonnie came into the church 40 years ago in Sacramento, Calif.

Harold Wells
March 1999

Lee E. Welshans
November 2001

Gladys Westerness
May 2004

Mary Katherine Whetson
October 2004

Dale White
May 2006

May Bell White
April 2005

Linda Hardy White
May 2003

Pauline "Honey" Whiteley
November 2003

Pauline "Honey" Whiteley, 86, died November 2003. Pauline is survived by her son, Larry Whiteley; her daughter, Jeannette McMurray; and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The funeral was held in Tulsa, Okla.

Robert "Robbie" David Whitesell
July 2009

Bobby Wickliffe
April 2005

Richard Wiedenheft

March 2007

Kenneth E Wilcowski
October 2000

Dorothy Williams
March 2003

Dorothy Kathryn Williams
September 2005

Jack Williams
August 2006

Sophia Maria Williams
September 2010

Thomas L. Williams
April 2008

Dean Wilson
January 2005

Glenn Allen Wilson
May 2005

Glenn Allen Wilson, 87, passed away May 4 in Oakland, Calif. Mr. Wilson was born Feb. 14, 1918, in Dover, Minn. He was preceded in death by his brother, Keith Wilson. He is survived by his loving wife of 57 years, Eunice; their daughter, Nancy Charles; sons, Thomas and Scott Wilson, and 8 grandchildren.

Jimmy Wilson
November 2007
Delbert Wiltsie
August 1995

Wesley Winant
August 2000

William Winner

January 2008

Don Wise
August 2000

Roberta Wolf
March 2003

Roberta Wolf, 70, of Kerman, Calif., died March 2003 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. She is survived by her husband of 52 years, Peter Wolf; three children, Debbi Tenty of Kerman, Teri Tomes of Lindale, Texas, and Brian Wolf of West Point, Calif.; six grandchildren; and three greatgrandchildren. Mrs. Wolf was a longtime member of the Fresno congregation, being baptized in 1963, where she served as a deaconess since 1965.

Basil Wolverton

Lelva Curington Womack
December 1999

Bower Wood
January 1999

Linda Wood (Keeley)
May 2003

Linda Wood (Keeley), 53, died May 15 when she was struck and killed by a pickup truck in front of her home. She is survived by a daughter, Katryn Keeley, and a son, Kirk Keeley. Linda attended the United Church of God in Kalamazoo, Mich.

Robert Allen Wood
February 2004

Helen Woodcock
January 2006

Linda Mae Woods

Karen Woodring
April 2000

Karen Woodring of Tyler, Texas, died April 28 in an automobile accident near McAlester, Okla. Mrs. Woodring was the former Karen Gardner, who served on the staff of The Worldwide News in the 1970s in Big Sandy. She is survived by her husband, Gary, daughter, Caroline, and son, Bryan.

Mabel Woodring
April 2007

Gilbert Woody
July 2003

James Robert "Bob" Worthen
June 2005

Floyd Wright Jr.
May 2002

Jack E. Wroten
May 2004

Jayson Lee Wynn

March 2009

Albert L. Wyrouck
September 2006

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