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Marcela Caballero
October 2001

Sue Gilda Sue (Fewkes) Calahan
October 2009

Mrs. Calahan died at Butler, PA Memorial Hospital. Surviving are her husband of nearly 60 years, Charles E. Calahan, 2 daughters; Suzan Lynn and her husband, Dr. James Wray Johns of Lititiz, PA, and Linda Gale and her husband Dwayne Gallia of Corpus Christi, TX, a son; Dr. Charles A. Calahan and his wife Nancy, of W. Lafayette, IN, 7 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

Ricardo Moreno Calderon
August 2004

Bonnie Campbell
May 2005

Elsa Maria Campos
April 2001

Rosalie Canfall
June 2001

Roy Cannaday
March 2000

CLAREMORE, Okla. -- Roy Cannaday, one of the historic 70 elders who was selected by lot along with Worldwide Church of God founder Herbert W. Armstrong in 1934 in the Church of God (Seventh Day), died Sunday, March 5, 2000. "Brother Cannaday was a faithful servant of the church for many years and was highly involved in evangelistic activities in Oklahoma," said Linda Hardy White of Carrollton, Texas.

Vickie Cantrell
May 2001

Aldo Capostoto
January 2001

Ada Cardott
April 2005

Eliza Carico
February 2007

Guy Carnes
November 1999

Christine Carter
May 2004

Mary Louise Carter
January 2000

Ana Arellano de Carvajal
April 2001

Arbidene Casey
May 2002

Arbidene Casey, a longtime member of God's church, died on May 27, 2002, at the age of 64. She was baptized by Mr. Roy Holladay in 1959 in Bluefield, W.Va. Although she spent her life in a wheelchair, she will be remembered for her sweet smile, loving nature and encouraging words. She had not been able to attend church regularly for several years but was able to attend the Feast for three days in Gettysburg last year. She stayed strong in the faith and truth of God until her death.

Barbara Dean Catoe
May 2003

Hubert Ray (Hugh) Caudle
July 2005

June Houston Causby
July 2000

Paula Cauthen
January 2004
Aleda Chakhaza
September 2005

Brighton Chakhaza
October 2004

Mary Lou Champagne
August 2005

GRETNA, La. -- Elder Tom Kerry reports a death of a Church of God member caused by Hurricane Katrina. Mary Lou Champagne of the New Orleans, La., area "passed away as result of the evacuation," Mr. Kerry said. "She had been undergoing treatment for cancer and was making progress. Her brother informed me that the strain of the preparation for the hurricane, and the long drive to Dallas with all the delays, weakened her to the point that when they got her to the hospital there was nothing they could do for her."

Harold (Hal) A. Chapman
September 2005

Napoleon Chavez
December 1999

Dolores Audrey Chiechi
February 2004

Carole Chikar
March 2002

Melvin Christianson
December 2005

Kenneth William Christopher
November 2000

Marie Church
April 2001

Richard Allen Church
June 2009

Gladys Clack
November 1999

Ida Clack
April 2002

Ora W. Clampit
May 2006

Howard Clark
October 2002

GASQUET, Calif. -- Howard Clark, 72, former elder of the Worldwide Church of God and photographer for WCG and Ambassador College publications, died Oct. 14 at his home here. Mr. Clark is survived by his wife, Beverly, and five grown children.

Joseph Reed Clayton
March 2011

Mike Clausen
June 2004

Mary A. Climer
July 2005

Susan M. Clopton
April 2008

Francis "Frank" Eugene Cody
June 2007

Frank Cody
June 2007

Linda Cody
December 2001

Mildred Clary Cody
July 2007

Ron Colbeth
August 2002

Lee Colburn
December 1997
Raymond Cole
September 2001

EUGENE, Ore. -- Longtime Church of God elder Raymond Cole, who founded the Church of God the Eternal in 1974 after breaking with the Worldwide Church of God over doctrinal changes in the WCG, died here Sept. 25. Mr. Cole, 74, apparently suffered a stroke just before he died. He had also suffered a stroke July 18. Mr. Cole was one of the first four students to attend Ambassador College, in the year of its founding, 1947. He and his wife, Myra, were married in 1950. Mr. Cole is survived by his wife and two daughters, Jann and Lynn, both of Eugene.

Elnora Collins
February 2003

Ivadene Combs
November 1999

Rex Comstock
April 2008

Donald R. Conard III
November 2005

Marcella Motley Coneal
November 2004

Elmer Conley
December 2005

Elsie Conley
July 2004

Lila Conrad
August 1991

Donald Contardi
June 2000

Velma Cook
December 2003

Roberta Deloris Cooper
August 2003

Lloyd Cope
October 2000

Janelle Nell Cormier
October 2006

Barney "Reid" Coulson
March 2005

Julia "Rena" Crain
January 2006

Robert Crandall
October 2004

Vickie Lynn (Snowden) Crank

September 2006

Jane Creech
May 2008

Gloria Critari
March 2005

Karla Croftcheck
March 2002

Ruth Cronmiller
October 2000

Phyllis Crow
April 2001

Lois Tankersley Crowder
December 2000

Dorothy Crowell
April 2001

Lia Cryer
March 2006

Ellen Marie Cummings
January 2001

Cathy Cunningham
February 2005

Margaret Cunningham
September 1999

Dianne Curl
November 2002

Cindy Curley
July 2014

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