Church of God Memorial

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Modesta Babol
April 2002

Bion Baker
February 2006

Loy Baker
April 2004

John Bald
August 2008

Luciano "Lou" Baltomeo
January 2009

Alan Barbee
September 2008

Garry Barber

Jacob Aaron Barbush
June 2000

John A. Barbush
October 2001

Lucy Barnes
January 2001

Joy Bartholomew
December 2000

Susanna Barocsi
July 2007

Arthur Barratt
September 2007

Stan Bass
August 1999

Winifred Bateman
January 2008

Cecil Battles
March 2010

Bill O. Beam
December 1997

Robert Beaver
June 2003

Ralph C. Becker
April 2005

Saw Lay Beh
November 2001

Cameron Bell
July 1999

Suzette Bell
February 1996

Barbara Benedict
September 1999

Eustiquio (Tex) S. Benitez
February 2004

Loida Benitez
November 2005

Garland Berg
April 2002

Don Berkey
June 2009

Ronald Michael Berlin
November 2009

Carole E. Bernardo
January 2009

Alma Berry
August 2007

Wilmer H. 'Pop' Beyer
November 2005

Betty Biedler
July 2002

Jean Biehl
December 1999

Dan Bierer
August 2004

Leroy Bigler
February 2007

Virginia Dolly Pearl Birney
October 1999
Sylvia Nada Bjoraker
July 2005

Barbara L. Black
May 2009

Louise Black
May 2001

Dean Blackwell
April 2003

Owen Blalack
May 1999

Gladys Blanks
December 2006

Ray Francis Bloom
June 2003

Nora Bell Blum
September 2008

Walton Leroy Bogle
November 1997

Nelly Bolzern
September 2001

Nelly Bolzern of Anchorage, Alaska, died unexpectedly during the days leading up to Sept. 11. She is survived by her three sons, Mark, Ron, and Chris; and by her daughters-in-law, Virginia and Noelle; and by her granddaughters, Lindy and Jaime. She was preceded in death by her husband, Alfred, in 1973. Funeral services were conducted by Richard Eckman. Mrs. Bolzern attended the United Church of God.

Janet E. Borton
November 2004

Robert Allen Borton
December 2006

Hazel Bosset
May 2001

Vernon L. Bosset
February 1998

George Bower
November 1995

Robert Lester Bowker
January 2007

Rosalind Mary Bowles
May 2001

Ingrid Boyes
April 2009

Vivian Elena Bradley

J. Larry Branam
May 1997

Charlene Brazeal
February 2005

Howard D. Brennecke
March 2005

Juanita Merial Brewer
August 2005

Louise Brewer
April 2001

Lawson Briggs
June 1997

Cyndi Briscoe Brock
September 2009

Elfonda Sudweeks Bronnum
June 2000

Dorothy Sue Brown
December 2001

Jeanette Brown
December 1999

Jimmy Brown
October 2002

Margaret Gurine Brown
October 2000
Maxcy Paul Brown Sr.
August 2006

Sharon Brown
December 2007

Nancy M. Bruhn
August 2006

Edward George Brunick
June 2005

Nadine Bruzas
November 2006

Kenneth William Bryant
August 2005

Beatrice Bryce
January 2000

Lonnie Edward Budro Sr.
November 2007

Irene Bullock
April 1996

Anne Burchard
October 2005

Frances Taylor Burger
October 1995

Desmond Burke
September 2004

Jesse Cole Burkes
May 2005

Gordon Burns
May 1996

Frances Burquist
December 2001

Lucretia Paulette Burrow
January 2002

Polly Burrow
January 2002

Roger Burrow
January 2006

David Burson
August 2005

FORNEY, Texas -- Elder David Burson, 54, died unexpectedly Aug. 19th, 2005 in a Dallas hospital of complications from a staph infection. Mr. Burson, a minister of the Living Church of God, served congregations in Dallas, Gladewater, Lufkin, Shreveport, Midland, Amarillo and Abilene. Mr. Burson is survived by his wife, Patty Burson of Forney; mother, Ruth Burson of Columbus, Ohio, son Douglas Burson of Kansas City, Mo., and daughter Heather Millich of Columbia, Mo.; brothers Ed Burson and Read Burson of Big Sandy and Conan Burson of Columbus; and sister Katrina Burson of Columbus. He was preceded in death by his son Eric.

Eric Shawn Burson
December 1998

Arthur Burton
February 2002

Steven Lynn Buss
November 2001

Viola Butler
January 2002

Gordon Ray Byerly
June 2004

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