Church of God Memorial

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Gregory K. Fairbanks
December 2003

Archie Faul
October 2004

Dixie Faulk
April 2005

Richard Kocher Fenstermacher
June 2007

Bob Fergen

December 2006

Adeline "Addie" Filachione
May 2006

Rosemarie Schurter Finlay
July 2006

Darlene Williams Finner
April 2009

Ruth Fischer
July 2006

Faye Fisher
July 2000

Marrion Lloyd Fisher
October 2003

Marrion Lloyd Fisher of Pritchett, Texas, near Big Sandy, died October 2003 at Northeast Medical Center in Bonham, Texas. Mr. Fisher was married to Faye B. Wiland in 1941; together they had six children. He was preceded in death by his wife and eldest son, Marrion L. Fisher Jr. Survivors include sons Arthur Fisher of Tejunga, Calif., Charles Fisher of Anchorage, Alaska, David Fisher of Pritchett, and Eric Fisher of Wichita, Kan; a daughter, Bernice Burson of Big Sandy; seven grandchildren; and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

Hartwell Fletcher
August 1999
Anna Foltz
February 1998

John Fones
April 2003

Doris Foote
October 2005

Carol Ford
December 2000

Carol Ford, of Snellville, Ga., died Monday, Dec. 11, of cancer. She had been hospitalized since Nov. 30. She is survived by her husband, Mike, children Tara, Kelly and Cody and numerous other family members.

Lena Belle Anderson Forehand
September 1999

Warren Foster
January 2005

Zelma Jane Foster
January 1999

Jesse J. Foust
January 2001

Bill Fowler
October 2000

Bill Fowler, of Wichita, Kansas died October 25 after a short bout with cancer. He is survived by his wife JoAnne, sons John and Don, daughters, Jody and Laura, and several grandchildren.

Phillip Carl Fowler
June 2006

Thomas Lee Fox
November 2005
Jeanne Fraley
December 2002

Rosita Francisco
October 2001

Anna Fraund
June 1996

Jim Frederick
November 2004

Clara Frederiksen
November 2002

Gayle Freeman
October 1999

Dale (John) Freyman
April 2006

Dale Frye
May 2004

Berneice Fuller
February 2006

Bonnie Ioline Fulton (Ikey)
March 2007

Charlie Fulton
August 2003

Christina Fritts
July 2002

Christina Fritts, loving wife of Carl Fritts died on July 8, 2002 in Tulsa, Okla. The Fritts had been married for 64 years. Christina and Carl served the brethren in the Church of God for many years in Tulsa and Fayetteville, Arkansas. Carl is an elder and member of the Board of Directors of the Church of God International.

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