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Ron Sackett
July 2000

Martha Saito
November 2006

Loye Sandell
December 2002

Loye Sandell of Converse, La., died December 2002. Mr. Sandell is survived by his wife, Bobbie, and three daughters, Loynell Hooper, Kay Gates and Melanie Manshack; five grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Mr. Sandell was a retired woodsman and a member of God's Church Worldwide.

Robert Atwood "Bob" Sanders
December 2002

Shirley Marie Sanders
August 2005

Ena Sanner
February 2002

Ramona F. Sarello
April 2002

Dave Savory
October 2008

Naw Paw Say
January 1976

Madeline Helen Sbrilli
March 2001

Ralph Scarborough
December 2002

Daphne Doreen Scheepers
May 2006

Dick Schindeldecker
October 2008

Anna Hazel Schmidt
February 1998

Norbert L. Schmitz
October 2004

Steve Schneblin
May 2007

Frank Schnee
December 2003

Dottie Schneider
December 2001

Dottie Schneider of Gravois Mills, Mo., died Dec. 27 after a short illness. She was buried in Laurie, Mo. She and her husband, Duke, were a wonderful team and she will be sadly missed by the folks at the Mid-Missouri Church of God, and by all her friends far and wide.

Treasure Schneider
February 2002

Irene Schnippert
May 2005

Eileen Schofield
September 2003

Dorothea Schoolfield
July 2005

Hilbert Harvel Schubert
February 2003

Michael Lamont Schulz
April 2011

Milton Schmitt
December 2010

Rose Schwartz
June 2002

Clara M. Schweihofer
May 2004

Anne W. Scott
November 2010

Percy Scott
March 2000

Bob Seal
November 2001

Richard H. Sedliacik
December 2010

Bill Seelig
April 2001

Bob G. Seelig
June 2007

Joyce Seelig
October 2001

Florence Sefcak
June 2002

BIG SANDY, Texas--Florence Sefcak, 89, a longtime Worldwide Church of God member, died June 17 of cancer. She and her husband, Lee, were pioneer members and her husband an employee of the church and Ambassador College beginning in the early 1950s. Besides her husband, Mrs. Sefcak is survived by two children, Gary Sefcak and Joyce Catherwood.

Lee Sefcak
October 2003

LONGVIEW, Texas -- Lee Sefcak, 93, died Oct. 10. Mr. Sefcak, an early member of the Radio/Worldwide Church of God at church headquarters in Pasadena, Calif., worked for many years for the church's printing department and was a local elder. Survivors include a daughter, Joyce Catherwood of Big Sandy, a son, Gary Sefcak of Big Sandy, five grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Margie Nell Eaves Seiver
September 2005

James Michael Sena
April 2004
Nicholas Senkovs
January 2000

Eileen Sexton
December 2000

Homer Sexton
November 2000

Lela Shabi

December 2006

Paul Shabi
June 2002

Henry Charles Sharp
August 2000

John Sharp
March 2001

Lucille A. Sharp
October 2006

Marjorie Fay Sharp
April 2007

James Edward Sharver
June 2003

Jerry Dale Shatley
April 2001

Vernon L. Shaw
July 2010

Dorothy Jane Minton Shelton
November 2006

Wilbur Glenn Shipman
March 2002

Pamela Shoaf
July 2002

Violet Shoemaker
November 2004

Violet Shoemaker of Jackson, Calif., passed away Nov. 24. She is survived by her daughter and son-in-law, Cindy and Mike James; son, Russell Shoemaker; daughter, Anna O'Day; three grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Carroll B. 'CB' Short
July 2005

Emmett Clyde "Bill" Sidars

January 2007

Thomas Bryant "Tommy" Sikes
July 2008

Howard Silcox
May 2005

BRICKET WOOD, England -- Howard Silcox, 84, a longtime member of the Worldwide Church of God, died May 26. Mr. Silcox was head of the gardening department at Ambassador College, Bricket Wood, in the 1960s. Mr. Silcox is survived by his wife, Margaret, and sons David, Andrew and Bronwyn.

David Anderson Siler
February 2008

Norm Silsbee
June 2005

Robert ("Bob") Marvin Simmons
July 2007

E. Landis Singletary
November 2003

Calvin C. Singleton
August 2002

Brenda Sisk
September 2008

Charles Sisk
January 2004

Charles Sisk of Imlay City, Mich., died January 2004 after suffering for several years with pulmonary hypertension. He fought a long battle with this dreaded disease and remained faithful to God until the end. Charles was a very close and dear friend. He will be missed by all who knew him. Charles was a long time member in the Church of God. Charles was strong in what he believed and was always ready to talk of the goodness of God and God's plan for mankind.

John Sisk
September 2009

Nancy Ann Skinkle
January 2007

Marie Skorseth
December 2002

Lyle Slater
May 2000

J. Conway Slaughter Jr.
September 2004

Jacob B. 'Jack' Smith
December 2005

Jane Smith
May 2003

Jane Smith died May 31, 2003, in a single vehicle accident. Mrs. Smith is survived by her husband of 56 years, Lamar Smith.

Jesse Lee Smith
March 2004

Karen Smith
December 2005

Karen Smith died peacefully at her daughter's home on Dec. 10th 2005. Karen's family wishes to express their deep gratitude for the many cards of encouragement she received prior to her death. They were a great source of comfort for Karen.

Robert C. Smith
November 1997

Ronald James Smith
December 2003

Sidney Smith
May 2002

Tony M. Smith
December 1999

Eugene I. "G.Y.G." Smyda
March 2005

Ken D. Snow Jr.
January 2009

Helen Alene Snyder
June 2010

Jeremy Garnet Snyder
March 2000

John Luther Snyder Jr.
February 2009

Todd Snyder
September 1999

Florence Sorenson
February 2004

Florence Sorenson of Grants Pass, Ore., died peacefully in her sleep on Feb. 24. She and her husband, Jim, celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary and her 65th birthday on Feb. 11.

Jim Sorenson
June 2008

Effie Sparrow
October 2000

Effie Sparrow, 95, of Louisville, Ky. died Oct. 23. She was a member of the Worldwide Church of God for forty years. She is survived by two daughters, Doris Webb and Lillian Phillips, a son Chester Sparrow, 30 grandchildren, 48 great-grandchildren and 17 great-great grandchildren.

Floyd Spears
March 2006

GLADEWATER, Texas -- Longtime Church of God member Floyd Spears, 88, died after a long illness March 7. Survivors include Mr. Spears' wife, Fredonia, and several grown children.

Ernest Spiller
April 2004

Joan Splicer
June 2006

Chieko O. Sprague
January 2006

Albert A. Springmeyer
November 2003

Beulah Marie Sprouse
November 2002

William E (Bill) Sprouse
February 2002

Janis Spurlock
January 2003

Nick Stacy
July 2002

Linda Marie Stagg
March 1996

Eddie Staggs Sr.
February 2004

Mark Stahl
March 2009

Virginia Starkes
December 1997

Trudy Staroba
May 2000

Lee Steed
December 2003

Doris M. St. John
February 2007

Clayton Steep
August 1995

Charlene Stephens
October 2000

Mary Lou Stephenson
January 2004

Jerry Alan Stevens
November 2002

Joseph Stevenson
December 2006

Nancy Lou Stewart
April 2006

Miriam (Myra) Rose Poff Stiglich
July 2005

Isabel Carrie (Lewis) Stiles
September 2000

Lawrence E. Stoner
April 2011

Estelle Ayers Stroupe
December 2008

Sylvia Jean Stout
October 2003

Jean Stratta
August 2003

Carolyn A. Strickland
March 2003

Garey Strickland
December 2010

Elise Sutherland
April 2003

Clayton Sweatt
December 2005

Beverly Swisher
January 2002

Henry Syphrett Jr.
August 2001

Bob Swimm
October 2008

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