Church of God Memorial:
Eddie Staggs Sr.

Eddie Staggs Sr.
Funeral services for Eddie Staggs Sr. were held in Waldron, Ark., at Rice-Martin Funeral Home Feb. 11, with Ray Wooten officiating.

My dad had so many friends from the different Churches of God that we can never contact them all so we are trying to inform as many as we can. He never judged a person by the group they met with. That was made evident by the numerous groups that he visited and corresponded with. He instilled that same attitude in his children.

I personally want to thank everyone for making my dad so welcome and happy everywhere he went. He cherished his time with God's people just as we cherished him. My dad died just as he lived, his feet planted firmly on the right path and his heart filled with God's Spirit. We will miss the man, but his legacy of goodwill and love will continue for generations. He was truly a wonderful man.

The Bible Study Web Site at was honored to have Eddie, just before he died, answer visitor questions from the site. His answers will live on to help many others around the world.

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