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Tolu Ha'angana
October 2002

MILFORD, Ohio -- Tolu Ha'angana, elder of the United Church of God, based here, and former elder of the Worldwide Church of God, died after a long illness at his home on the island of Tonga on Oct. 22, which was also the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. Ha'angana and his wife, Sela. Besides his wife, Mr. Ha'angana is survived by three grown sons.

Dwight Dean Haas
April 1996

Haisting Haigler
September 1999

Archie Hall
April 2010

John Orville Hall
January 2007

Robert "Bobby" Monroe Ham, Jr.
September 2008

Buck Hammer
November 2003

Helen Hammer-Berg
November 2003

Pearl Hammer
February 2003

Thelma 'Sara' Hans
November 2001

Clara Harborth
May 2003

Hale C. Harding
August 2006

Jerry Hardman
September 2005

Virgil Harmon
April 2005

Virgil Harmon of Springfield, Mo., died at the age of 90 on April 29. Affiliated many years with the Worldwide Church of God, he had most recently fellowshipped with the United Church of God. His wife and daughter Ruth preceded him in death. His three surviving children include two sons, Larry and Richard, and a daughter Mary.

Frank O. Harper
July 2000

Virginia Harper
December 1999

Alan Harris
January 2002

Charles Harris
September 2006

Robert W. Harris Jr.
July 2003

Ollie Harrison
January 2005

Ollie Harrison died Jan. 29th, 2005. She was a member of the Church of God for many years. She had been a longtime employee of Ambassador, working at the Big Sandy and Pasadena campuses. She most recently resided in Tyler, Texas.

Byron Hartman
April 2004

Dorothy Hartman
June 2004

Lavelle Hartman
January 1999

Harold Charles Haskins Jr.
May 2001

Gaydell Havard
December 1999

Victor Hawkins
May 2006

Ruby Haydon
February 2007

Charles (Chuck) Hayes
March 2007

Jacquetta (Jackie)
Littrell Hayes

February 2001

Merry "Margie"
Spurgeon Heaton

November 2004
Warren J. Heaton III
October 2003

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif.--Warren J. Heaton Jr., 85, ordained a minister of the Worldwide Church of God in 1985, died Oct. 28 after a long battle with cancer. Mr. Heaton had been a Church of God member since 1952. His wife Arlene died in 1988. In 1989 he married Merry "Margie" Spurgeon in Pasadena, Calif. Besides his wife, Margie, Mr. Heaton is survived by a son and daughter-in-law, Warren III and Marti Heaton, and a daughter and son-in-law, Elaine and Kenneth Mattson. He is also survived by four grandchildren and many great-grandchildren.

Wilma L. Heddleston
February 2006

Donald C. Hedger
December 1998

Loraine C. Heehs
October 2004

Martha Hefner
January 2003

Rosene Hegna
April 2005

Iris Hegvold
April 1996

Mary Elizabeth Hegvold
December 2006

Selmer Hegvold
December 2002

Sidney Hegvold
September 1997

Marvin Heins
May 2006

John J. Helwig
November 1995

Lerald (Lerry) Henderson
July 2002

Walter Henderson
December 2001

Francis (Henry) Hendrickson
May 1998

Rachael Hendrickson
December 2001

Wendy Hendrickson
June 2010

Rozel I. Henn
October 2001

Helene Hennig
July 1996

Donna L. Henry
May 2005

L.C. Henson
November 2000

L.C. Henson of Jayton, Texas, died Nov. 17 of a heart attack. Mr. Henson was a former resident of Big Sandy, and employee of Ambassador College. He is survived by his wife, Floy, and five grown children.

Callie (Coloma) Henyan
October 2005

Caroline Hesse Herbert
January 1997

Edelmira Hernandez
April 2001

Elise Herrmann
July 1997

Kenneth Herrmann
March 2006

Mary Hershberger
December 1995

Patricia Ann Hesser
December 1997

Charlie W. Hewitt
April 2008

Lillar Mae Hicks
April 2003

Brian Higginbotham
March 2001
David Jon Hill
November 2003

David Jon Hill, 71, a longtime Church of God member and former Worldwide Church of God evangelist-ranked minister, died Nov. 23, 2003 at the home of his son. Jonathan Hill discovered early on Nov. 24 that his father had died in his sleep. "He was content and lived his last few months in the woods in a peaceful and loving home," Jonathan Hill said. "Please let folks know he went just the way he wanted."

Mae 'Pearl' Hill
July 2000

Tom Hill
July 2004

Morris Dee Hillis
January 1998

Jack Hines
May 2002

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Jack Hines, 69, founder of Churchlight Publications, died unexpectedly at his home here May 12. Survivors include Mr. Hines' wife, Evelyn; three sons, Richard, Timothy and David; and a daughter, Janice Smith.

Kay Hirschler
December 2005

John Hix
November 1999

William E. Hix
July 2000

Thelma Alberta Hodges
August 2001

Herman Hoeh
November 2004

Gladys V. Holder
February 2004

Jane Holder
April 2005

Grace Holladay
August 2002

Leanna Hollon
July 2009

William "Buddy" Holmes
October 2010

Edna Mae Homesley
October 2008

Bernice Hoppe
March 2003

Ruby Elnora Horne
September 2005

William Marvin 'Bill' House
January 2004

Kathy Jean (Hall) Houser
June 2010

Ken Howard
June 2007

Penny S. Howard
March 2000

James F. Howell
October 2006

James F. Howell
October 2006

John Hrenyk
August 2004

Marie Hudson
October 2000

Barbara Huggins-Talley
February 2002

Adam D. Hughes
November 1999

Doris Hughes
December 1998

Gail Farrar Hughes
August 1998

Douglas Hulings
July 2006

Syd Hull
March 2011

Robin Hulme
January 1999

Minnie Lee Humphreys
December 2002

Catherine M. (Stella) Hurst
March 2001

Hazel Hutchinson

February 2007

Jerry Hyatt
June 2004

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