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Herman Hoeh

Herman Hoeh - 1957

TUJUNGA, Calif.--Herman L. Hoeh, 75, an evangelist-ranked minister of the Worldwide Church of God and a pioneer Ambassador College student, died unexpectedly at his home in Tujunga Nov. 21st, 2004.

Dr. Hoeh, originally from Santa Rosa, Calif., came to AC in 1947 as one of the first four students to attend the college. He was one of its first graduates in 1951.

He was a member of the board of directors of the church at the time of his death and had served on the boards of the college and Ambassador Foundation before his retirement in 1996.

He wrote for and edited church publications, including the WCG's flagship magazine, The Plain Truth. He was also known for his two-volume Compendium of World History, first published in 1963 as the dissertation for his Ph.D., which he earned at AC.

Dr. Hoeh was widely respected in the WCG as well as in its many splits. He was considered by many to be an intelligent and lovable eccentric, as at home tending goats on his property as he had been teaching classes and writing articles back in the glory days of the Radio/Worldwide Church of God.

Dr. Hoeh also had ties for years to Buddhists in Southern California and Thailand. At his memorial service members of the Wat Thai temple eulogized him, along with other speakers.

Conducting the service was Rand Holm, pastor of the WCG congregation Dr. Hoeh attended in Chatsworth, Calif.

Dr. Hoeh is survived by his wife of 52 years, Isabell; a son, Manfred Hoeh; three daughters, Karline Ellis, Anneliese Roemer and Gilda Brockmeier; and nine grandchildren.

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