Church of God Memorial
Keeping the memory of friends alive

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Maggie Davies Aaron
July 2001

Uche Obila Abani
October 2003

Allen Lee Abel
December 2001

Michael E.  Abood
June 2000

Bernardino Acero
January 2004

Regina Acero
April 2002

Colin Adair
November 1998

Alessandra "Sandra" Adams
May 2006

Alvin Adams

Sarah Pearl Adams
January 2003

Thomas "Tom" Allen Adams
November 2008

Rosaline Egbekhojie Adebayo
December 2001

Harry Frank Aiguier
June 2002

Roger Akhurst
November 2002

Samuel Olabode Alade
January 1999

Betty Alberts
June 2002

John L. Albright
February 2006

Anthony Alfieri
December 2007

Hilda Mary Alford

December 1999

Dustin Montgomery Allen
April 2009

Lena Mae Allen
December 2006

Wayne Altom
April 2004

Alma Aman
February 2005

John Albert Ambrosavage
April 2004
Gary Amick
July 2005

Worked for ACTS magazine and Church of God Publishing House. Gary also wrote the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly for the Church of God Seventh Day.

Juanita Santa Ana
September 2003

Agnes K. Anderson
July 2005

Dan Anderson
December 2008

Mr. Anderson, 77, died in his sleep due to an apparent heart attack December 17, 2008. Mr. Anderson was one of's E-mail Evangelists, answering questions from the Web site. Dan and his thought-out, biblically researched answers will be sorely missed.

Deane Anderson
December 2001

Eunice Anderson
June 2007

Henry Anderson
November 2008

Jo Anderson
July 2007

Lucille Anderson
December 2001

Mike Anderson
October 2008

Richard O. Anderson
November 1999

Rudolph V. (Rudy) Anderson
May 2003

Mary Andrews
August 2006

Bernard Andrist
March 2004

Bernard Andrist, a longtime Church of God elder from Geneva, Switzerland, died March 21 after suffering with cancer. His love of the brethren, his devotion especially to the work in French Africa, and his sparkling sense of humor will be greatly missed.

Vera Andy
October 2009

Kate Anness
March 2000

Leo Antion
July 2006

Dibar Apartian
December 2010

Paul Arman
February 1999

Patricia Ann Arritt
November 2001

Catherine Arbogast
August 2004

Igonibo Bekinbo
Hutton Arinyedokiari

March 2006

Dwight Armstrong
November 1984

Garner Ted Armstrong
September 2003

Herbert Armstrong
January 1986

Loma Armstrong
April 1967

Richard David Armstrong
July 1958

George K. Arnold

November 2006

Robert Artman
November 2003

Jim Aschenbrenner
August 2002

AURORA, Colorado -- Jim Aschenbrenner, 55, pastor of an independent Church of God congregation, died Aug. 21 after suffering a massive aneurysm. He is survived by his wife, Carma, five children and grandchildren.

William Ash
February 2002

Robert Ashland
December 2004

Edith Aspinall
June 1998

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