Church of God Memorial

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Rosemary Tabar

Sasha Marin Talbott
February 2006

Bret Tarver
March 2001

Harvey A. Taylor
June 2002

Irene Taylor
April 2004

Anne Teitgen
June 2002

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- Anne Teitgen, wife of United Church of God pastor Herb Teitgen, died June 25 of cancer. Besides her husband, Mrs. Teitgen is survived by a son, Robert, and a daughter, Carla, and her parents, Ivan and Edna Robinson.

Clarence Teskey
January 2003

Elizabeth G. Thomas
October 2004

Emma (Anna) Thomas
April 2000

John Thomas
March 2003

John Thomas, 87, of Big Sandy, Texas, died March 2003 in Oklahoma City. He was an employee of Ambassador College Big Sandy for many years, where he served side by side with the students in the college dining hall. He will always be remembered for his repartee with his students and for his frequent acts of service to the local congregation. He is survived by a daughter, Stella, and a son, Mark.

Maggie Jo Thomas
March 2004

Terry Thompsen
May 2000

Terry Thompsen, 56, of Clinton, Washington, died May 7, 2000, after a courageous battle with cancer. Mr. Thompsen was born in Washington state and lived there most of his life. He entered Ambassador College, Big Sandy, in 1967, graduating in 1971. He is survived by his wife, Jan; three sons, Per, 27; Hans 22; and Ian, 15.

Dennis Thompson
March 2003

Glen Richard Thompson
June 2000

Laura Thompson
March 2006

Onnie Thompson
February 2006

Roy Thomson
August 2007

Maria Thoms
November 2002

James Keith Thornhill
March 2011

Randy G. Tieken
July 2004

Andrew Chesley Tipton

November 2006

Iris Pearl "Snookie" Tipton
July 2006

Joseph Tkach, Sr.
September 1995

John Tombs
March 2005

Nickolas Tomich
November 1999

Robert Torgeson
April 2007
Lynn Edward Torrance
October 2004

Marie Tower
July 2001

Louis Townley
January 2000

Purphey J. Trahan
February 2006

Earl LeRoy Travis
November 2006

John Trechak
September 1999

John Trescott
March 2005

Harold Treybig
December 2005

John Alexander Trotter
August 2001

Jerry Troutman
September 2001

Irene M. Tucker
October 2003

Rowlen Tucker
September 2002

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Rowlen Tucker, 61, for many years an elder in the Worldwide Church of God, died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack while at work at a Wal-Mart in Cincinnati Sept. 10. Among Mr. Tucker's survivors is his wife, Sue

Samuel M. Tucker Jr.
June 2006

Don Turk
April 2002

Rosalie Turk
February 2008

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