Church of God Memorial

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Shirley Pack
July 2007

Richard Paige

Myrtle Elsie Palmer
April 2003

Gladys Panella
May 1978

Ella Mae West Parker
November 2006

Esther Parrish
December 2001

Christopher Carl Partin
September 1999

Doris Walker Pate

June 2006

Wallace Pate
December 2003

Joyce Patience
March 1999

Don Patterson
March 2007

Wallace 'Pat' Patterson
April 2002

Maureen Paul
February 2002

Irene Payne
May 2001

Frederick "Fred" Duane Peace
October 2010

Charles Pearce
September 1999

Louis Penkava
December 2006

Irene Reis Penney
June 2006

John Patrick Perez
July 2005

Flornia Perri
March 1998

Kortwright Peters
December 2006

Otto C. Petersen
December 2001

Richard T. Peterson
May 2001

Sharley Jo Roberds Pettit
August 2008
LeRoy Peyton
October 1999

Marcella Ann Peyton
January 2003

John Francis 'Jack' Phelan Jr.
December 2000

Clarence Phillips
March 2002

Clarence Phillips of Smithfield, Ky., died March 2002 of lung disease. He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Lillian Phillips; five sons, Larry Phillips, Steve Phillips, Danny Phillips, Gary and Jerry Phillips (twins); three daughters, Connie Logsden, Sandra Allgeier, Elizabeth Leyna; 14 grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren. He was a member of the Worldwide Church of God for 41 years, a World War II veteran and a carpenter.

Wayne Phillips
June 2007

Rene Antoinette Phillips-Qualls
February 2010

Frankie Pierog
November 2002

Chalmer R. Pifer
June 1999

Thelma Pifer
August 2002

Keena Boring Pike

Irma Jean Pine
December 2004

Alma Pistole
November 2003

Alma Pistole of Sherman, Texas, passed away Sunday, November 2003. Alma attended Sabbath services with the Church of God International in Dallas-Fort Worth and later attended the United Church of God in Sherman. She is survived by her husband, Fred, and her daughter, Flo Richardson, and family, as well as a son and family. She was such a sweet lady and will be remembered as one who always loved to give out her handmade crafts.

Ernest Plonty
July 2006

Helen Poda
November 2002

Doug Polzin
June 2003

Connie Poole
February 2006

Dale Pope
April 2006

Sheena Pope
November 1999

Leslie Jean Porter
November 1999

Morry Porter
August 2006

Clifford B. Powell
March 2003

Ronald Premetz
October 2003

Andrew Milton Prettyman
February 2004

Mildred Carnes Prettyman
October 2005

Wolfgang Preuss
February 2000

Donna Starr Pritchett
August 2003

Nadine Pritchett
March 2007

Alice Rosetta Pruett
October 2003

Joe Dan Pyle
October 1979

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