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Ed Jackson
September 2008

Eddie W. Jackson
March 2006

Harold Jackson

Beryl Jacobs

February 2007

Norberto Jain
September 2001

Susan A. Charles Jantzen
February 2004

Floyd Jasperson
March 2006

Eric T. Jauch
July 1996

Werner Jebens
May 2009

Erma Jenkins
June 2004

Jim Jenkins
February 2003

HAZLEHURST, Miss. -- Jim Jenkins, 76, a longtime Church of God member and elder in the United Church of God, died Feb. 4. He is survived by his wife of 55 years, June, four daughters, nine grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Patty Jenkins
September 2003

Ron Jenkins
May 2008

Bonny Jessup

Bonny Jessup, a member of the Intercontinental Church of God in Phoenix, Ariz., died in a hospital in Montana. She was buried in Kansas. The Jessups, Ken and Bonny, were baptized by E.B. Vance in Tyler, Texas, and attended the Feast at Lake Tahoe. She was 77. They had a wonderful long life together. Both were pilots, and both loved golf, and both had holes-in-one.

Bruce L. Jinnett
December 2005

Carrie Johnson
March 2003

Daniel Kenneth "Dan" Johnson
January 2009

George W. Johnson Jr.
November 2002

Glen Johnson
April 1998
John S. Johnson
June 2000

John S. Johnson of Plano, Texas, died Monday night, June 19, in a motorcycle accident. John was an Ambassador College graduate and taught history and geography until the spring of 1995 at Ambassador University.

Raymond H. Johnson
June 1999

Willie Larcie Johnson
January 2005

Ja'Van Von Lee Johnson-Story
March 2000

Bennie Lee Jones Sr.
September 2005

Fred 'Byron' Jones
January 2002

Mildred Burton Jones
August 2000

Rebecca Jones
February 2005

William Jones
November 2001

Raymond Jorgensen
July 2001

Mildred Judge
March 1997

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