Church of God Memorial

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Bill Kahle
October 2006

James Kale
August 2007

Jay Robert Kallestad
November 1995

Rita Kamen
March 2003

Rita, a member of God's church for nearly 45 years, succumbed to an eight-year battle with breast cancer March 2003. She is survived by her husband Pete and three sons, Jeff, Allen and Jason. They were former members of the Worldwide Church of God in New Haven, Conn. Since 1997 they had attended with a number of non-aligned Church of God groups.

Emma Kantak
July 2009

Nancy Kaping
November 2006

Carl Kaufman
July 2000

Fred Kebrdle
May 1998

Libby Kebrdle
May 1998

Joshua Keczkemethy
April 2000

Joshua Keczkemethy, 20, a 1999 graduate of Torrington High School, Torrington, Conn., died peacefully Thursday, April 13 2000, after a long and courageous battle with spinal cancer. Please remember his parents, Gary and Jane, and their children, Kristin and James, in your prayers at this most difficult time.

Evelyn (White) Keeley
March 2007
Glen Keeley
January 2000

Helena Keisel
October 2005

Alex Lewis Kelenske
July 2004

Mary Kelenske
September 2002

Bill Kelley
December 1999

Leota Kellogg
December 1999

Charles H. Kelsey Jr.
November 2001

Leonard 'Buddy' Keltner
March 2004

Dorothy Kenders
November 2003

Ruth MacKay Kennedy
April 2002

Winifred June Keogh
November 2001

Zona Edith Burgess Kerley
October 2006

Brandson Kerry
October 2006

Brandson was involved in an accident while riding his dirt bike which he loved to do.

Barbara Kersey
January 2004

Linda Yvonne Kersey
August 2005

Jean Kessler
November 2009

Mary Elizabeth Key
October 2000

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Key, wife of Marshall Key of Bloomingdale, Ga., died Oct. 27. She was a member of the Intercontinental Church of God.

Margaret (Margie) Kiepke
November 1998

Joseph Karuga Kihara
April 2002

Annetta Marie King
January 2009

Hilda King
February 2006

John H 'Jack' Kirstein
October 2000

John E. Kittilson
June 2006

Carl A. Knaack
November 1999

Paul Lester Knapp Jr.
July 1999

Leolie Koester
March 2005

'Kathy' Grace Koger
July 2003

Chris Parker Kolk
October 2001

Sherry Koon
June 2004

Ethel Kopp
August 2004

Michael Elroy Kottke
March 2011

Grace G. Kramer
December 2000

Werner W. Krebs
May 2003

Frank Krick
December 1998

Annie Kruisk
October 2006

Angie Kschesinski
July 2004

Jerry Kuipers
March 2006

William Michael Kyle Sr.
March 2006

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