Church of God Memorial:
Jack Hines

Jack Hines was the pastor of Church of God of Colorado Springs, an independent congregation and the publisher of Churchlight magazine. He was born Aug. 29, 1932. and died May 12, 2002. Jack had been hiking, and he and his wife, Evelyn, were awaiting a table for brunch with their son David when Jack slumped over on Evelyn. He never regained consciousness.

Mr. Hines is survived by his wife, Evelyn Hines; three sons, Richard, Timothy and David; and a daughter, Janice Smith.

I remember speaking with Jack Hines on the phone and corresponding with him on a few subjects. I remember receiving great encouragement from him when he asked if he could reprint the front page articles that I wrote for the first issue of Servants' News. At the time, I thought it was because they were "really good". In retrospect, I think I would do a much better job today—and quite likely Jack knew that he was giving a young writer encouragement.

Written by Norman Edwards courtesy of Servants News

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