Church of God Memorial:
Jerry Dale Shatley

Jerry Dale Shatley, 54, died Saturday, April 14, 2001, from liver and colon cancer. He was a dedicated church member attending with the Worldwide Church of God in St. Louis, Missouri. He served as the head of the sound crew for many years. This involved being the first to arrive at church so that he could carry in and set up the sound system; it also required that he be one of the last to leave. His duties left little time for fellowship at church. He also made himself available to provide the sound system for church socials. Jerry took all of his responsibilities seriously.

Jerry worked as an electronics technician for Unitron Corporation in Fenton, Missouri. He continued to work until his illness made him too weak to continue. He was commended by his fellow employees for his willingness to share his knowledge with his coworkers. Although he never married he took an active role in caring for and mentoring two of his nieces' sons. While he was ill, but still strong enough he took them on a trip west. He also wrote some very moving poetry and songs which expressed his hope and belief in God. One song, "The Search," which had been informally taped previously, was played at his funeral. He composed, sang, and accompanied himself on the guitar. In the song, he expressed how everyone is searching for something that satisfies, but Christ only can fill that void.

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