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An elder with Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena tells why Harvest needs Ambassador Auditorium.
United Church of God headquarters suspends pastor Jim O'Brien from speaking
United Church of God lets elder go when he disregards its gag order
Congregation questions a new UCG pastor's decision to abolish advisory council
WCG Church official discusses future role of the church.
Location of new Worldwide Church of God Headquarters
Evangelism conference presenters talk about who's in charge
Controversial evangelism conference wants to rejuvenate sleepy congregations
United Church of God Council hears of 'urgent' need for communication
Trustees vote to dissolve the Cincinnati North corporation.
United Church of God announces its disapproval of Swenson's and Jacobs' Conference on Evangelism.
Mr. Swenson and Mr. Jacobs -- founders of the United Church of God -- resign.
SEE ready to begin in Port Austin, Michigan, in August.
See Journal Photos related to LCG shooting and news reports concerning killings.
WCG reports members missing after tsunami; COG writers comment on significance of disaster.
Group of 3 or 4 set to buy AC's upper campus..
WCG controller says $48 million price inaccurate for Ambassador College's east campus
Read about using Email for evangelistic purposes and baptisms that have occured.
Church of God (Seventh Day) moving toward Christmas observance.
New Zealand Living Church of God pastor issues ultimatum to Journal distributor.
Readers pay tribute to Dr. Hoeh.
Other News and Articles
New Church of God (Seventh Day) Feast site to feature evening services
Raymond McNair writes a tribute to his brother Carl who died in April 2004.
Small Churches of God are busy setting a shining example
The Subbotniki carry out good works in Transcarpathia.
CGOM, a friendly affiliation, helps scattered individuals and churches.
Meeting near Dallas includes two ordinations
Congregation decides to send more teachers to Legacy Institute in Thailand
Church of God youths reap academic awards at banquet
Church of God ladies schedule Alabama conference
Journal writer Raymond C. Dick dies
Ken Westby's One God Seminars introduce David Antion on the side of the deity of Jesus.
Darlene Warren recommends reading about the history of reading.
Legacy reports on COG conference in Myanmar.
Kansas City church marks seven years of unaffiliation, recounts 'independents' problems.
Southern California group inexpensively preaches the Word
East Texas woman starts a nonprofit organization to help the children of tragedies.
Church of God Big Sandy returns two trustees to board.
Journal's redesigned Web site dramatically increases its popularity.
Reports from Journal readers on 2004 Feast of Tabernacles.
Teacher Mandi Steele remembers her months and friends in Thailand.
United Church of God breaks ground in Big Sandy, Texas for new church building.
Christian Leadership Academy delivering warning messages in state capitals
A tour prepares for its June investigation of what some people think is the site of Noah's ark
Articles by Darlene Warren
Every Deacon Has His Day
Know when to count the cost
Dealing with stress can be a leap of faith
I came to depend on Skippo
A few questions for the ages
Commentaries, Columns and Essays
The Pharisees were Jesus' object lesson by Ellis Stewart
United Church of God has a month of pain and hope by Gavin Rumney
Healing has a lot to do with common sense by Kathleen McCann
Apostle Paul was willing to resist church headquarters by Dave Havir
It wasn't supposed to be like this by Jaime Welch
Organized religion has its problems by Brian Knowles
Predestination concept leads to Protestant 'lawfulness' muddle by Alan Knight
Columnist predicts Jim Franks will be next president of United Church of God by Dave Havir
Lay members chose and ordained Mr. Armstrong by Harry Curly
Who in the world is the angel of Laodicea? by Dave Havir
Baptists debate public-school education by Dan L. White
 A 'Crisis of Conscience' opens eyes by Dave Havir
I dreamed a dream, and, lo, a Rolls tumbled into my driveway by Brian Knowles
Don't forget the birth of Jesus Christ by Dave Havir
Time to reconsider the Roman revivals by John Speyermann
The 666 of Revelation 13 and 14: Consider a new interpretation by Alan Knight
Beware of miracles, wonders and signs by Dave Havir
What is the real mystery of the Ark of the Covenant? by Doug Ward
The Journal is divisive. Cancel my subscription! by Bill Stough
Who do you pick to lead your assembly? by James McBride
What is the future of the Church of God? by Bruce Porteous
Did the Creator God create the tsunami? by Dave Havir
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Issue 94: Letters to EditorNotes & Quotes  and  Life Events Announcements
Issue 95: Letters to EditorNotes & Quotes  and  Life Events Announcements

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