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Notes and Quotes from the church of God - Issue 95
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Notes and Quotes

Note that the Web-site version of "Notes and Quotes" for this issue includes news items that did not appear in the Dec. 31, 2004, print version of The Journal.

Slow boat to Austin

AUSTIN, Texas--Dan Girouard announces that the Austin Church of God will play host to a special fellowship Sabbath March 19 featuring Ron Dart of Christian Educational Ministries as guest speaker.

Mr. Girouard E-mailed The Journal "from 35,000 feet somewhere over China" to mention that Mr. Dart will participate in the congregation's regularly monthly breakfast fellowship meeting.

"Prior to services there will be a breakfast fellowship starting at 11 a.m.," Mr. Girouard said. "Please join us on the Sabbath."

The group meets in the Live Oak Universal Unitarian Church facility on El Salido Boulevard. See its Web site at for a map to the meeting place.

For more information write or call (512) 586-4670.

Watching Ambassador

AUCKLAND, New Zealand--The Ambassador Watch Web site, which Gavin Rumney operates, has moved to a new, easier-to-remember Internet address. The new location is

Mr. Rumney mentioned that apparently the Worldwide Church of God attempted to prevent the use of the phrase "Ambassador Watch" in Internet URLs.

"The WCG registered everything they could think of with 'ambassadorwatch,'" he said. "Dot com, dot org, dot net. But they didn't think too hard about it being a New ZealandÐbased site."

Teen & Young Adult Retreat

INDEPENDENCE, Mo.--It's time for the ninth annual Teen & Young Adult Retreat sponsored by the Church of God Kansas City, announced Paula Frazee.

This year's three-day gathering will begin at 11 a.m. the Sabbath of Feb. 19 in the Booth Lodge of the Three Trails Camp and Conference Center, 16200 E. 40 Highway, Kansas City, Mo.

Cost will be $25 per person, and all Church of God youths 12 and older are invited to attend.

"We will have a youth Bible study at our local church hall in Independence at 2 p.m. followed by Sabbath services at 3 p.m.," Mrs. Frazee said.

Dave Havir, pastor of the Church of God Big Sandy (Texas), will conduct the study and deliver the sermon.

Only "clean meals" will be served, she said, and vegetarian meals can be arranged.

Activities will also include volleyball, basketball, pool, table tennis and foosball.

Also, the group will have exclusive use of a laser-tag facility on Saturday night. Sunday night's activities will include the traditional pizza and dance.

Write Mrs. Frazee at for an application and for more information.

Just learning

TYLER, Texas--Tim Kelley announces a seminar in Tyler called "Trembling at the Word," with Boaz Michael and D. Thomas Lancaster as speakers.

Both men are with First Fruits of Zion, a Messianic ministry that focuses on teaching the importance of the Torah to believers in Yeshua, or Jesus. It has offices in Phoenix, Ariz., Denver, Colo., and Israel.

"The ministry produces many publications and materials that are helpful to those who are just learning about Hebrew roots," Mr. Kelley said.

The local event is sponsored by Mr. Kelley and his wife, Angie, who operate the Ami Yisrael Torah Study, Hawkins, Texas. Contact the Kelleys at 903-769-2750 or

Here's your chance to tell your story

LAKE KIOWA, Texas--Sheila Graham invites women of the Churches of God to send her stories about their experiences in the Worldwide Church of God and groups descended from the WCG.

Mrs. Graham plans to incorporate information she gleans from the stories in a book she is working on.

"My book will be about women, religion, identity, community," she said. "I hope this portrait of WCG women will not only make sure your experiences weren't lost to history but contribute to other studies on women and religion."

Write Mrs. Graham at 111 Pueblo Dr. E., Lake Kiowa, Texas 76240, U.S.A., or For more information see Mrs. Graham's announcement on page 20 of this issue of The Journal.

Be mine

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.--Who was St. Valentine and what's all the fuss about Valentine's Day?

To find out, visit Alan Ruth's Web site, specifically

Mr. Ruth noted that in 2004 for the first time his site attracted more than one million visitors who viewed 3.2 million site pages containing articles and audios explaining the Bible.

"This represents a popularity increase of 24 percent over year 2003 totals and a staggering 724 percent growth rate since 1999," he said.

Mr. Ruth asks visitors to consider an occasional donation to help keep "this revolutionary and fruitful 21st-century outreach" operating. "Help us be there when you need us and when God moves a person to seek biblical answers on the Internet."

Write Mr. Ruth at

Spring minifeast

TYLER, Texas--Christian Educational Ministries (CEM) invites everyone to its "Mini-Feast" April 22-24 in Destin, Fla.

Ronald L. Dart, founder of CEM, will speak at Seascape Resort Conference Center, including at the Passover service April 22, Sabbath services for the Night to Be Much Observed on April 23 and the first day of Unleavened Bread April 24. Discounted hotel rates are available.

For more information call Gary or Shirley George at (850) 837-0485 or CEM at (903) 509-2999

Advertising your 2005 Feast

HARTFORD, Wis.--The Internet Church of God has launched a new festival directory service to help members with their Feast of Tabernacles planning and to help Feast-site planners promote their sites, announced Don Wales.

"We offer free listings for Feast sites across the country and around the world, regardless of affiliation," Mr. Wales said. "Send your information to us and we will build and host your Feast Web page, or just send an announcement and a link to your own Web site. Either way, we want to let people know what you have to offer and help them to find your Feast site."

Read all about it at

Keep the Feast in Osos

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--The Church of the Eternal God is busy making plans for Feast 2005.

"We have an agreement with the Sea Pines Golf Resort in Los Osos, Calif., to keep the Feast [of Tabernacles] in their facilities again this year," announced Edwin Pope.

If you plan to attend with the CEG, write Mr. Pope at or CEG, P.O. Box 270519, San Diego, Calif. 92198, U.S.A.

Scholarships for youths

WIXOM, Mich.--Eric Snow sent The Journal information about the availability of scholarships for Sabbath-keeping youths available from the Bible Sabbath Association.

The scholarships are the awards for winners of an annual essay contest. First place takes a $1,500 scholarship, second place wins $1,000 and third place $500. An application and more information are on the BSA's Web site, Or write or BSA Scholarship Essay Contest, 3316 Alberta Dr., Gillette, Wyo. 82718, U.S.A.

Entries must be postmarked by June 20, 2005.

"Help us by telling other youth about the contest," said June Narber of Raleigh, N.C., a member of the BSA's board. Write Ms. Narber at

Just like the FOT

HOT SPRINGS, Ark.--The Sabbath Day Church of God invites everyone to an old-fashioned observance of the Days of Unleavened Bread, similar to spring feasts in the 1950s when participants would travel and set up temporary residences for a week.

Organizer Fred Porter announced that speakers will include Alfred Harrell of Cabot, Ark., Ian Hufton of Hawkins, Texas, Tom Justus of Springdale, Ark., and Herb Morrow of Hope, Ark.

The festival dates, April 22-30, will follow the traditional Jewish calendar. Activities will take place in the congregation's building at 2998 Park Ave. in Hot Springs.

Mr. Porter is looking for additional speakers but requests "no organizational messages." Talking about organizations, he said, will only confuse any new people who might be present. Also not welcome: messages that are condemning or controversial.

For more information visit or call (501) 760-2013 or write Mr. Porter at

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