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Meeting near Dallas includes two ordinations
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Meeting near Dallas includes two ordinations

ARLINGTON, Texas--Sabbath-keeping Christian women and men came to the Dynamic Deborahs Conference from Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Arizona, Florida and Texas and agreed the three-day meetings in late April and early May--including the ordination of two women--were worth the trip.

The conference is sponsored by the Church of God Dallas - Fort Worth, pastored by Dianne McDonnell of Arlington.

The first presentation, "Paul and Women Teachers," given by Mrs. McDonnell the evening of April 30, unraveled the confusing words of Paul and the mysterious Greek word authentein that has "negatively impacted God's women for many centuries," Mrs. McDonnell told The Journal.

"The presentation made the point that, although Paul lambasted a woman teacher who was not to authentein a man, he also took a woman along on a missionary journey, called one woman a diakonos, which is Greek for servant-minister, and referred to another woman as an outstanding apostle," she said.

Mrs. McDonnell made a colorful presentation the next day called "Women Bearing Torches" that revealed truths buried beneath badly translated Bible passages.

Both presentations will soon be DVDs. For a copy leave a message at (972) 601-9032, extension 3777, or write P.O. Box 152544, Arlington, Texas 76015, U.S.A., or

Workshops also tackled servant leadership based on Jesus' instructions in Matthew 20 and offered help with outreach, led by June Narber of Raleigh, N.C., and "Practical Evangelism," by John Currier of Douglasville, Ga. A presentation by Ronda Oprean of Hillsboro, Mo., focused on "lives of service."

"The freedom of finally knowing for sure that God loves His women and allows them to serve Him without limitations, that is such joyful knowledge," Mrs. McDonnell said.

On the last day, May 2, two women who were already leading Sabbath congregations, Patsy Adams of the Memphis, Tenn., area and Jeanette Flowers of Cincinnati, Ohio, were ordained as elders and servant ministers of Jesus Christ.

Ms. Adams has led a group for seven years, and Mrs. Flowers had five people waiting for baptism when she returned home.

"Jeanette also has a ministry for homeless teenagers," said Mrs. McDonnell. "Both women are seasoned, long-time members of the Churches of God, and both observe and teach the Sabbath and the holy days as well as the full message of Jesus."

Musical talents amplified the conference, with Ms. Oprean and Ms. Narber singing praises to God and newly ordained Pastor Flowers singing an emotional "Lord's Prayer" at the event's conclusion.

"Then everyone--male and female--shared one last marvelous time together," said Mrs. McDonnell, "enjoying lunch in a nearby restaurant before reluctantly leaving the Dynamic Deborahs Conference with joyful new knowledge, a special new notebook and dynamic new friends."

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