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More Hong Kong Baptisms
with Help From Email Evangelism on
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More Hong Kong Baptisms
With Help From Email Evangelism

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — Another baptism has occurred in Hong Kong through the help of the Email Evangelists at The Bible Study Web Site at It is the third known baptism in this Chinese city the site experienced in 2004.

Clay Willis, a volunteer who answers questions for the site, reported that a person named Tonny got baptized on Dec. 26th 2004. Tonny submitted a question to in March of 2004 which was forwarded to Clay for an answer. Correspondence between the two parties continued throughout the year on a variety of Biblical subjects such as the Sabbath, the Ten Commandments and the teachings of the Apostle Paul.

Clay noted that Tonny's decision to be baptized came unexpectedly:

"This took me by surprise though he (Tonny) had asked about baptism, who could perform it, what was necessary to be baptized and so on."

The newly baptized Hong Kong resident will eventually be introduced to Jack Leung, a long time Christian in the area, and to Stephen and Udaya who were also recently baptized.

To find out more about how Email and the Internet are being used for evangelistic purposes, please read our recent article on the subject. You can also read the unedited comments about this new evangelism made by several of's Email Evangelists.

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