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Unedited comments about Email Evangelism from brethren who have
volunteered time to to answer visitor questions.

Comments from Clay Willis
(Woodstock, Georgia)

        The five most gratifying aspects of answering questions for the Web site ( are:

  1. Questioners come from all sorts of religious backgrounds and have in common only that they are seeking to better understand the Bible;

  2. A significant percentage of those who ask questions think enough of the answers to ask follow-up questions either through the web site or directly;

  3. It is a way of serving God by sharing the knowledge He's allowed us to gain in a completely non-threatening venue and lacking the trappings of speaking to a group - it is above all a "personal' ministry, one-to-one;

  4. It is an almost perfect way if providing initiative to continue my own personal studies - some of the questions are quite difficult to answer in the e-mail format - and I often find things that prompt my own personal study after the answer to the question has been e-mailed to the questioner;

  5. It produces "fruit" - after answering more than 600 questions from the web site, I personally know of at least 5 baptisms that answers to questions had at least some small part in producing.


Comments from Rick Beltz
(King, North Carolina)

       Where Have All the Teachers Gone?

       Many, if not most, of the brethren in the church today should be actively teaching others. Oh yes, most do teach by the way they live and conduct their lives, being good examples to those they come into contact with. Yes indeed, example can be a powerful teacher, especially to our children. But, how many brethren today are actively involved in preaching the gospel to others by actually doing it themselves through a personal ministry of serving others in some way or as a personal ministry, teaching as a witness to others, especially unbelievers or new believers? Are there dozens of brethren doing it? Probably. What about hundreds of brethren doing it? Maybe, if you count the entire world. How about thousands or tens of thousands of brethren actively teaching others today? It probably isn't happening. The Question and Answer section on the Bible Study web site is one place where this is happening today and has been happening for almost 2 years now.

       Sending money to a headquarters church organization and relying on them to send out newsletters, publish a monthly magazine and perhaps broadcast a weekly TV or radio program is not what we're talking about by being a teacher of the word of God. A magazine or weekly broadcast has a very narrow reach when it comes to reaching the masses of humanity through hearing or reading the truth of God. Besides, many of the corporate churches spend more than half of their total incomes on themselves (salaries, benefits, insurance, etc.) rather than spreading the truth of God to a desperate, dying world. Also, the corporate churches still haven't learned to work together with other church groups to make this possible.

       It behooves each and every one of God's people to "be about Our Father's business" and to be learning to teach now, by actually doing it. Ask God to open a door for you for new opportunities to serve and teach others. Then be patient. God will not disappoint you. It may seem a little awkward at first, but you will begin to feel more comfortable being a teacher of God's word the more you do it. Then you can rest assured that the time will come when Jesus Christ returns with His reward, to give to each man or woman according to their works:

"Now after a long time the master of those servants came and settled accounts with them. And he who had received the five talents came forward, bringing five talents more, saying, 'Master, you delivered to me five talents; here I have made five talents more.' His master said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a little, I will set you over much; enter into the joy of your master.'" (Matt. 25:19-21)

Comments from Adriano Borean
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

        People are skeptic and suspicious about religion because of so much false religion, and because of so many different churches in disagreement. In view of this, when answering Bible questions, my foremost concern is to present the truth. I place special attention to avoid error. James 3:1 is to be taken very seriously. By the same token, we need to be aware of the tendency to be influenced, in our answers, by the North American mindset. Some scriptural concepts are not popular to the Western mind and the America in particular. They are in fact smoke in the eyes, causing "itching ears". We must uphold the biblical truth, regardless, whether it is met with favor or not.

       Being human we can still possibly err and we need to correct it if we become aware of it.

       Another point is, how can we help the person asking the question? Since the questions range from trivia to serious and profound ones, and from those who possess next to nothing in Bible knowledge, to those who have considerable knowledge, we need to try to help accordingly. Most of questions are likely motivated out of curiosity, but some are profound and sincere.

       Many times the people receiving the answer respond by showing appreciation. I have not had one nasty reply, yet. Only one disagreed with my explanation, but in a courteous way, and I expounded more on the subject.

       Our work is now a drop in the bucket, which hopefully and eventually, will grow into a flowing trickle.

Comments from Charlotte A. Grantham
(Columbus, Ohio)

       I do not know about new baptisms per se but I do know several who have stated that they have changed to Sabbath keeping congregations because of the work from our web site. In the past two months alone two have said that they are disgusted with the lies which their former pastors have spoken and that they have left these congregations and are now searching for Sabbath keeping groups or are studying at home alone. I do not encourage another baptism if they have already been baptized in deep water but have been repenting of their former affiliations and behavior and beliefs. The movement is catching on and it looks like it is beginning to really take hold on the mainstream Christian groups as the Lord works with them. One lady was so excited by what she has been learning by just switching from the Sunday worship day to the Sabbath on the seventh day that she could hardly contain her excitement. Of course there are others who are still struggling with these long held doctrines and only God can change their minds but at least there is a source of information that they can go to in order to prove that the Bible does indeed say something entirely different from what most pastors have taught through the ages. What this all purports is going to be interesting to see.

" For you can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and all may be encouraged." (1Cor 14:31)

       Along with his article Alan has asked those of us, who would like to comment on our experiences as a person who volunteers to answer questions from the Bible for people who have written into his web site for help in answering some of their questions, to give our experiences and comments. When Norman Edwards wrote in his Newsletter Servant's News, not being published any longer, that Alan was beginning a new program to answer questions for the public in the summer of 2002, I was in search of some kind of endeavor to help relate my story and life to help others in their walk with God. I believe I was one of the first ones to write into to Mr. Ruth to volunteer and give him a short biography of my experience and education. I have now been privileged to have answered some 280 plus questions in nearly twenty months with about a 25% responding with a reply or thank you or further inquiries.

       Jesus the Christ and God the Father have become the most important and life healing Beings in my entire life and I knew they could be of the same value to others if they would just allow them to come into their hearts. This all came to a head when my husband of twelve years, at that time in 1999, and I left the corporate organizations and began to lean entirely on the Godhead's Holy Spirit for our instruction and our understanding of the Word of God as it is written in the Bible as well as our sustenance and well being physically and mentally. I do not have time or space to explain how this came to be but suffice it to say that we are even more richly blessed by continuing to allow only the Godhead to teach us and to follow their lead in our lives rather than in any time in our lives previously.

       Many of our correspondents do not even know about the divisions of the congregations of the churches of God or the squabbles among small groups of people over some of these issues. They are looking for answers to life's questions such as marriage, abuse, child rearing problems, job issues, employee issues as well as why are we here in the first place and what we should be wearing or doing to please the Godhead. What does God expect of us and what does he have in store for humanity in general? There is so much confusion and the work is overwhelming but most satisfying.

       I find that I have learned to open my mind to all kinds of problems and people in general with an open heart filled with love for them and a compassion that I never had while in the corporate organizations under the leadership of hierarchical overseers etc. I try to understand them as children searching for their God and Father. I assume that God is the one who has inspired them to ask a question of this nature on a public web site and that God has already been working with them to some degree. There is no way that we can know exactly the motive for each of these questions except for the wording and tone used. God knows their individual hearts and minds. Some test us and some want to tell us how to do it but the majority want to really understand what the Scripture says in all of its "here a little and there a little" ramifications.

       I see my task as one of gently correcting their behavior to come into alignment with the way of life that God has inspired by his Word as it is written. I use his Word as the support for every argument or question I bring to his or her attention. We encourage them to prove us and read their own bibles in many versions.

       I also see that we have but one opportunity to explain to a confused audience what the real Plan of God is and why he has called us into his presence. Those of us who understand the keeping of the Sabbath and Holy Days already know the Plan of God but the majority of our audience do not know this precious truth and need to understand it. Some, of course, will accept what we say and some will question it and that is quite all right because if God cannot be proven in their own lives he is not there yet. God tells us to test or prove all things and then hold onto what is godly or good so we are commanded to do this and should not feel afraid that they will not come to their senses if they experiment before they come totally to their knees before their Creator. This is the main way God teaches us. God is big enough to make himself understood if he wills it in each of our lives. We, on the other hand, need to exemplify enough faith to allow this experimentation with life to happen as it did in our own lives without too much interference except to answer questions as they arise.

       The Internet is a precious format, at the moment, for those who do have access to electronic technology and most do have that access, today, either at home or from their work places and many do write from work. As this is the only forum or media that is not yet nationally regulated as it is an international forum and will not be easily regulated without international treaty agreements or a single one world government as sovereign which is not how our world is organized at the present time. This then makes it difficult to stop the flow of information and the kinds of information flowing out on those global Internet lines and satellites without a global disruption of trade. It would take a satellite removal or other major malfunction to disrupt all of the servers globally and this is a safety factor for our service. When God opens some doors no man can shut them until God is finished using it.

       Alan's site is a generic one and he owns it and it is being used at this time to serve the true God. When I put either "biblestudy" or "bible study" into the Yahoo search engine this site was number one and number five respectively and that is close enough to the top number of hits that when a Sunday keeping person actually begins to read the material in this huge library of articles and major links to the rest of the brethren it is a major work that is changing those lives. Like a good fisherman it takes good bait to attract the fish. At last God is getting through to them without the filter of some pastor with a pet doctrine or agenda he is touting. They are steadily asking for baptism or repenting of their previous instructions and beginning to observe the Sabbath and Holy Days. By this we know that this work is being promoted by the Father and Jesus as the head of his flock and needs to be supported with our tithes and offerings maybe even more than any one single organization since it is serving the world at large not just a few people on any given Sabbath Day. We all need to rethink the importance of this work and understand the fruits of this service to see God's hand in it.

       I answered one young woman who had been abused by not only her husband of 26 years but also her pastor of her former church congregation and many of her friends and all of her family. She has written repeatedly after that first message until I have collected a library of her correspondence into a three inch three ring notebook and it is entirely full since the beginning of this year (2004). She has asked about why she felt so worthless and since I have had similar feelings and experiences I tried to show her from the Scripture that Jesus has an awesome job for her and has called her to become one of his special ones. I personally believe that because of this opportunity to mentor this woman I have saved her physical life from a suicide attempt when she was in the depths of depression and anger and now she is working not only to repair her own damaged life but is willing to share her experiences with others in the same condition at a new ministry in her home town. She has repented of Sunday keeping and has completed both a Passover and Pentecost season with so much excitement in her letters that I know she is sincere. God is working with these people and it is our duty to help them to come into the stronger light of the true Gospel of Jesus the Messiah. Jesus warns them in Revelation to come out of the confusion of the false organizations and they need our help to know what is true from the Scripture and what is false so that they can obey this warning.

       I personally believe that this might be the time to plant the seeds to seal the innumerable multitude if not some of the members of each of the tribes of Israel for the last sealing by the Holy Spirit before our Lord returns. We should not expect a large harvest of souls when we are planting seeds as it will take time for the seeds to grow to maturity before the great harvests can come to the barn. If this is the case then we are indeed a privileged group doing a vital function to further the work that God is performing overall. I personally feel so elated at what is happening and I am deeply grateful to be a part of this work. When one can relate his or her own experiences regarding the Godhead to another person searching to know that Godhead on a one to one basis then the teaching person has achieved something quite marvelous and wonderful especially if the one learning repents and begins to obey what the Scripture tells them to do because of it.

       I pray for God's guidance before I answer each question and I give what it is that I write to my husband to read for tone and correct logic so that he too is part of this process. I look at them the following day before I send them out and am amazed at the way they are worded many times over. I am nothing more than a housewife who has had to learn to love God and serve him with her whole being and wish that others will come to know their Creator as intimately as I have and learn to obey them in order to receive the mighty blessings that they have to offer.

       I studied to obtain my first baccalaureate degree (a lifelong dream) at the age of 53 and hoped to become gainfully employed after a bitter divorce and some years of retraining to be ready to support myself but, I could not have chosen a better job than this one for which God has called me to do voluntarily. I know he has already provided for my physical needs and will continue to do so for as long as I live and continue to serve him with all of my heart and being. I hope others can see the need to support Alan and this work that God has assigned to all of us who offer our time and talent to answer these thousands of potential children of God on a daily basis. Come help us by offering encouragement and offerings of financial help as well as spreading the news that this service exists and what is happening on a global scale to bring others to Christ Jesus as the head of our body of believers.

       I have found that every question I research and answer, reveals new truths to me personally. This keeps reminding me of a specific verse.

" Thou therefore which teachest another, teachest thou not thyself? thou that preachest a man should not steal, dost thou steal?" (Romans 2:21)

        In searching the scriptures to answer the question submitted. I look to God to lead me to those scriptures that will best answer the question. God teaches me through His Spirit, in my searching the scriptures -- and likewise expect Him to lead the questioner by the same means. As Jesus Christ was taught of the Father -- we are in like manor taught.

Comments from June Narber
(Raleigh, North Carolina)

       Answer Bible questions for is a very interesting experience.

       In my busy schedule of academia, I don't have a lot of time to spend on the bible research that I would like to. Answering bible questions is a good way to hone my own skills in scriptural research and allowing God's spirit to work through me. In my small efforts in working on this particular project, I have felt and seen God's spirit work in ways I never fully could see before. You have to realize that we have thousands of men and women in corporate churches who never have done anything personal witnessing, teaching, or expounding the truths of God. They go to Sabbath each weekend and listen to their ordained ministers preach. They might do bible studies and read their given church material, but any questions asked of them from outside parties, they refer to their ordained ministers to answer. In such cases, these men and women who have God's spirit INSIDE OF them, are not exercising the very things God commands of them: to teach, preach, witness, study and expound the truths of the Bible. They mistakenly believe they have no spiritual authority by Yahweh (God) to reach out to this dying world or to do anything outside of what their corporate church structures give them direct permission to do.

       This situation is so wide spread and so sad that it breaks my heart because they people are truly ignorant about the enormous power that lies within the, UNTAPPED for the most part. Let me explain my own experience. When I try to answer a bible question on my own, it takes me a long time to get my thoughts together, do the research and then structure the answer into a grammatically correct format. After writing several articles in the past years that I scrapped, I realized that I had not asked God to write through me and inspire my insight and the way I wrote it all down to inspire any who read it. After just one simple prayer asking the Almighty to lead my research, my words and so on, the results were astounding. First came a the few articles I wrote for The Sabbath Sentinel and other publications but the biggest thing I find is the results with the bible questions and specific email counseling I have done via the Internet in my written responses to people's queries about the Bible, the truth, etc. The results that come out from me are not my work, but the work of God's spirit flowing through me. I can FEEL it when I set forth to do this kind of scriptural work. It is a different focus and feeling than when I write academic or other related things.

       I think that as this end time continues to unravel, God is going to POUR his spirit into his men and women and we will see a fantastic work being done to lead people to obedience to scripture verses the pagan traditions of this age. Corporate structures need to understand that the people who attend THEIR churches do NOT belong to them. They belong to God and Yahweh wants to use these people to do a dynamic, hands on kind of work in each of their lives. The problem is the corporate structures can't believe their lay people can do anything without ministerial permission and supervision. This attitude of "lording" it over the sheep is causing a stagnation of God's spirit, and roots of bitterness, arguing, and negative expression to come forth. The only remedy for this is two fold: the corporate structures need to realize their members are future kings in the Kingdom of God. They need to be taught and allowed HOW to use their spiritual gifts now and how to allow God to use them in each, their own special way, to do whatever part of the work God wants them to do (WHICH IS NOT pay, stay, pray and obey). And this goes for the women as well as the men. is the first of its kind in demonstrating how God works through his people to do a work and to teach truths from scripture. Getting the work done so the kingdom can come should be our entire primary objective. Instead, many bicker among themselves, following men instead of God and in turn the "leaders" suppressing the spiritual development of their congregations by now allow members to actively participate in the teaching, evangelizing and witnessing areas. Mark my words. A great movement has started that will in time, leave the corporate churches with their mouths gaping open. We will feed the flock, teach the masses, and truly help God in doing what needs to be done. We don't need corporations to obey God and teach his ways. He's doing a work in spite of the corporate structures! May our father help us to understand before time runs out. We ALL are commanded to be about our Father's business!

Comments from Don/Marian Smith
(Loveland, Ohio)

       I have found that every question I research and answer, reveals new truths to me personally. This keeps reminding me of a specific verse.

" Thou therefore which teachest another, teachest thou not thyself? thou that preachest a man should not steal, dost thou steal?" (Romans 2:21)

       In searching the scriptures to answer the question submitted, I look to God to lead me to those scriptures that will best answer the question. God teaches me through His Spirit, in my searching the scriptures -- and likewise expect Him to lead the questioner by the same means. As Jesus Christ was taught of the Father -- we are in like manor taught.

Comments from Tommy West
(Wake Forest, North Carolina)

        One of the biggest joys of my life has been that of answering questions for Each question that is presented to me offers another challenge and gives me the marvelous opportunity to grow spiritually by edifying others as well as myself. I sincerely hope to continue to be a part of for a long time to come.

       Alan's Web Site,, offers a refreshing alternative to "preaching the gospel" that is criticized by many because it is not supported or "authorized" by one of the larger church groups within the ekklesia. So be it. Let there be critics, but my response to them is this, "Fruit is being produced. If it is not good fruit, it will die. If it is good fruit, let us all rejoice."

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