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Notes and Quotes from the church of God - Issue 86
Encouraging Communication among the Churches of God
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Notes and quotes

Baptism referrals

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.--Alan Ruth announces the Baptism Referral Service, available as a part of his Web site. If a visitor to the site has "begun to experience a deep sense of sorrow" over the way he has lived, the time may be right for his baptism.

Visitors interested in learning more about the sacrament may communicate, through the site, with a "mature Christian" to "discuss the Bible, God's working in your life and possible baptism."

Potluck in Australia

SYDNEY, Australia--Craig White, a founding member of the United Church of God in Sydney and coordinator of the Origin of Nations seminar series, met for a meal with the Burrell brothers, Bryan and Calvin, in March at the Sydney home of church members Peter and Vivienne Ellis.

The Burrells, who were traveling in Australia with their wives, are longtime members of the Church of God (Seventh Day) denomination headquartered in Denver, Colo.

Calvin, who lives in Houston, Texas, is editor of The Bible Advocate, long published by the Denver-based CG7, and a member of the board of the Bible Sabbath Association, based in Fairview, Okla. He is also past president of the Denver-based church.

Bryan, who lives in Fairview, is treasurer of the BSA board, a farmer and owner of a farm-equipment business.

"One of many interesting tidbits that I found out during their stay was that the Burrells' family heritage with the Church of God (Seventh Day) extends back about five generations," said Mr. White.

Attending the potluck were members of the CG7, Intercontinental Church of God and UCG and a group affiliated with Christian Educational Services.

Outreach Germany

BONN, Germany--The United Church of God in Germany has a new Web site, announced Paul Kieffer. Visit it at

CGI fellowship in Calgary

CALGARY, Alta., Canada--Ken and Ruth Kerr announce a new fellowship group and Web site affiliated with the Church of God International, Tyler, Texas.

The group meets at Country Inn & Suites, 2481 39th Ave. NE each Sabbath at 1:30 p.m. in Calgary.

The Web site is at Content includes online sermons in RealPlayer and MP3 formats.

"With the help of CGI--they pay for the hall and any supplies and equipment we need--we gladly fellowship and worship with many of the local disenfranchised brethren once and still associated with the larger COG organizations," Mr. and Mrs. Kerr said in a press release to The Journal.

"So far, we have had about 149 unique individuals come through our doors since September 2003."

Compared with their past Church of God affiliations, the Kerrs say their CGI experience so far feels like they're "in the trenches."

They are "talking about the Bible with brand-new people, visiting the needy and handing out literature to all who request a visit. We are grateful to CGI for facilitating the process whereby all local brethren can freely worship in peace."

Seminars a la carte

AUBURN, Wash.--Ken Westby announced a revised fee structure for his One God Seminars, coming up in a Washington, D.C., suburb May 14-16. Attend all two and one-half days of meetings for $65 per person, or $25 for only Friday or Saturday or $15 for only the half-day schedule on Sunday.

For more information write the Association for Christian Development, P.O. Box 4748, Federal Way, Wash. 98063, U.S.A., or Visit the ACD on the Web at

See also the announcement of the seminars on page 19 of this issue of The Journal.

New fellowship near Sydney

FLINT, Texas--Mark Armstrong, president of operations for the Intercontinental Church of God, announced a new fellowship near Sydney, Australia, coordinated by Murray Allatt. For more information write

Casually feast in Montana

AUBURN, Wash.--The Association for Christian Development, founded and operated by Ken Westby, announces a Feast of Tabernacles observance to begin Sept. 29 in Missoula, Mont.

"This will be a no-tie, no-suit, casual venue," he said. "Presentations will be followed by discussion and Q&A."

For information about accommodations in a "rustic but luxurious log structure" with "many fireplaces," write the ACD at P.O. Box 4748, Federal Way, Wash. 98063, U.S.A., or

Feast in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, Texas--Julian Cruz announces that the Feast of Tabernacles site sponsored by the Church of God San Antonio is accepting inquiries and reservations.

For more information call Mr. Cruz at (210) 333-7229, or write P.O. Box 681714, San Antonio, Texas 78268, U.S.A. Visit the Church of God San Antonio at

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