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Small Churches of God are busy setting a shining example
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Small Churches of God are busy setting a shining example
By Cindy Burson
The writer, a Church of God member since age 6 in 1956, publishes, along with her husband, Ed, and son Natnee, The Faithful Word based near Big Sandy, Texas.

HOT SPRINGS, Ark.--"If we build it they will come!" This was the prediction and dream of Fred and Jean Porter and a small group of men and women from Hot Springs.

In the spring of 2003 the Sabbath Day Church of God of Hot Springs began construction of its beautiful new 3,000-square-foot, all-steel building. Their goal was to hold the spring holy days of 2004 in their own building. They made it--but barely.

After many setbacks and untold hours of late-night and early-morning work parties, finally, on April 4 shortly after 6 p.m., only minutes before Passover, the last piece of carpet was laid and the baseboards were in place.

The Robert Hall family had driven down from Jonesboro, Ark., many times to help over the last year. Ian Hufton of Hawkins, Texas, Rocky Carpenter of Little Rock, Ark., Lee Davis of Beebe, Ark., and many others volunteered their time and talents and spent many days, evenings and weekends doing everything from counting loads of fill dirt to laying tile and building walls.

By the time you read this, the Hot Springs brethren should have finished their outdoor 8-by-10-foot sign, which can project a different image every few seconds.

These folks plan to do everything in their power to attract the attention of Hot Springs, including offering Sunday-morning public Bible studies.

Old-fashioned Days of UB

The Hot Springers observed the Days of Unleavened Bread this year as a group, with services every day.

If you are planning a trip to Hot Springs, just contact Fred and Jean Porter, (501) 760-2013. Your presence will be greatly appreciated as you fellowship with them in their new building.

Hot Springs will kick off Pentecost weekend with a Bible-study Friday night, May 28, and double services Sabbath and Sunday, plus a Saturday-night activity. You're invited to enjoy a long weekend in the beautiful mountains of Arkansas.

Mountain View news

Also observing the Days of Unleavened Bread this year as a group, for the third year in a row, with services every day, was the Church of God Fellowship Seventh Day of Mountain View, Ark.

That congregation, pastored by Wayne Holmes, also has a new building, one the brethren purchased in 2003.

Those brethren are currently remodeling their building to accommodate 150 happy family Feast of Tabernacles observers this fall.

For information about the Feast of Tabernacles, or if you would like to attend Sabbath services in Mountain View, contact Wayne and Rhonda Holmes at (870) 251-2431. You will be made to feel very welcome.

Our family experienced a great blessing in our fellowship with the members of God's church in Hot Springs and Mountain View this year. Our experiences have convinced us more than ever that we should keep the Days of Unleavened Bread away from our home and jobs as Churches of God have traditionally observed the Feast of Tabernacles.

Way down yonder

Another congregation our family feels close to is the Church of God New Orleans, pastored by Tom Kerry. Mr. Kerry's brethren worked on their building with their own hands. Today they continue to grow in grace and knowledge and continue to spread the truth of God.

Write Mr. Kerry at P.O. Box 2005, Gretna, La. 70056, U.S.A., or

This world desperately needs many more churches like these. These churches are an incredible example and inspiration to God's people.

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