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Congregation decides to send more teachers
to Legacy Institute in Thailand
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Congregation decides to send more teachers
to Legacy Institute in Thailand

By John Warren

BIG SANDY, Texas--The board of trustees of the Church of God Big Sandy on May 3 approved the pastor's recommendation to support two volunteer teachers at the Legacy Institute in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Last year was the first time that the congregation sent a volunteer teacher to Legacy, a Church of God ministry founded by Leon and Gloria Sexton in May 2002.

"Sending our first missionary last year was so positive that we planned to sponsor another teacher again this year," said Dave Havir, pastor of the Texas congregation.

Last year the congregation sent Amie Hufton, who had recently graduated from Texas A&M University at Galveston. The congregation paid for transportation and visa costs. Though Legacy provided housing and food, the congregation also paid her a monthly stipend.

In March Mr. Havir interviewed Jessica Wilson, who has spent two years attending the University of Chicago (Ill.). Miss Wilson, who is the daughter of Karl and Sharon Wilson of Tyler, Texas, arranged with university officials to take a short break from college to teach at Legacy.

"After interviewing Jessica, I knew that I would be recommending her," said Mr. Havir.

But Mr. Havir noted a "pleasant problem" he encountered in late March when he interviewed Mandi Steele, the daughter of Randy and Diane Steele of Stockton, Mo.

"When I visited Mandi and her father in Joplin, I realized that we now had two excellent candidates," he said. "Even though I had already committed to Jessica that I would recommend her for a scholarship, I wanted us to do something for Mandi too."

Mr. Havir told The Journal that he recommended to the board that the congregation give Miss Wilson a full scholarship and help Miss Steele with her airfare. The board agreed.

Miss Steele, who graduated from Missouri State College in Joplin, Mo., earlier this month, was featured in a Journal article two years ago because of her work as a journalism intern in Washington, D.C. (see "Young Church of God Member Interns With Washington Online Mag" in the Oct. 31, 2002, issue).

Miss Steele is scheduled to teach in Thailand from June 2004 to March 2005 and Miss Wilson from November 2004 to March 2005.

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