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Notes and Quotes from the church of God - Issue 91
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Notes and Quotes

Nina Rogers dies

Nina Rogers TYLER, Texas--Nina Rogers, former registrar for Ambassador University for several years until it closed in 1997, died Aug. 31 after a two-year battle with cancer. At the time of her death, Ms. Rogers was registrar at the University of Texas at Tyler.

She is survived by her father, Vernon Rogers of Big Sandy, and a sister, JoAnn Rogers of Big Sandy.

Feast in Wisconsin

HELENVILLE, Wis.--Hal and Scarlet Geiger announce a Feast of Tabernacles observance at their farm (Sept. 29 through Oct. 7).

The event is open to everyone and will include daily services and studies as well as communal brunches and evening meals, the Geigers announced. Campfire gatherings, "hymn-alongs" and additional service and recreational activities are planned.

Contact the Geigers at (262) 593-5637 or halgeiger@hotmail for more information.

The lion and the lamb

SYDNEY, Australia--If you've always hankered for your own expertly carved Ambassador or WCG seal, the one with Isaiah 11:6 and the lion and the lamb, a replica is available, announced Craig White.

It will not be exactly like the real McCoy, but it will say "Church of God." Mr. White knows a COG minister who is contracting with a craftsman to produce it.

For more information write Mr. White at .

Two ordinations

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.--The Church of God of Central Arkansas recently ordained two men as elders, reported Theda Horton. Ron Bridges and Lee Davis were ordained July 17.

"Their faithful and dedicated service to God and His family is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated by this congregation," she said.

Not your ordinary club

HEDLEY, Texas--You're invited to join the Church of God Fellowship Club, announced founder and club manager John Dickson.

Joining the club is a major undertaking and entails moving to the Hedley area, 80 miles southeast of Amarillo.

Mr. Dickson's club is designed for Church of God people who want to drop out of the rat race and embrace a "homestead lifestyle" in rural Texas.

Mr. Dickson is not selling property or houses but does provide information to help new club members find places to live. COG members with certain skills and trades are especially encouraged to join.

The "private social club" is not a church and "not the place of safety," he said. It is, however, meant to help bring scattered Church of God members back together.

"There are currently 10 to 12 families of former WCG members within the 60-mile radius who are split, attending small, different groups and not speaking any longer," Mr. Dickson said. "We want to try and change that before the tribulation starts."

A sampling of club rules:

  • No dominating, causing of division or promoting of false doctrines.
  • Following parliamentary procedure at monthly club meetings is mandatory.
  • Information about club members is strictly confidential. Mr. Dickson won't even announce how many people belong to the club.
  • Males must have short hair, and modest dress is in order for everyone.
  • There is no fee to join the club, and there are no dues.

For more information contact Mr. Dickson at P.O. Box 206, Hedley, Texas 79237, U.S.A., or . If you must phone Mr. Dickson, be sure to call (806) 856-5251 before 8 p.m. central time because he goes to bed early.

Spirit and truth

JACKSON, Tenn.--Spirit & Truth magazine will present a concert by the "contemporary/rock worship band Saul 2 Paul" at 6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 2, during the Feast of Tabernacles.

"We are also trying to get a speaker from Birth Choice Crisis Pregnancy Center to speak at the event on abstinence," announced organizer Raina Shults.

Bill Shults, founder of Hungry Hearts Ministries, will also speak.

"The purpose of this event is to outreach to the youth of the Jackson-area community through the power of worship," Miss Shults, 16, said. Raina and her 15-year-old sister Kyra are editors of Spirit & Truth.

Raina Shults
Raina Shults
Kara Shults
Kara Shults

For more information on the concert, visit Raina's Web site, For more about Spirit & Truth, see Or phone Raina at (731) 668-8477.

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