What's in issue No. 34, Nov. 30, 1999?

Members are moving forward with a new church (the Church of God, a Christian Fellowship) that replaces the Global Church of God. Church official Larry Salyer tells The Journal the new organization is operating with a "skeleton staff."

Church of God elder David J. Smith replies to Steve Blow's column about him and the Church of God Evangelistic Association in The Dallas Morning News. For Mac Overton's article, please see the print version of The Journal.

A Houston-based expert on unusual religions says the U.S. government didn't realize David Koresh was a religious man and that a "test" an FBI agent administered to Mr. Koresh by telephone during the Branch Davidian siege could have been the catalyst that led to the 1993 Waco disaster.

A member in Kachinland, Lazum Brang, plans a new school to train young adults to preach the gospel in Burma, China and India. Leon Sexton, a friend of Lazum Brang's, reports on these and other developments after observing an unusual Feast of Tabernacles in Thailand. See the print version of The Journal.

The UCG-AIA schedules seminars for the Remnant Church of God in Ghana for December.

In the letters section, The Journal's readers sound off on isolated brethren, human deification, God's first lieutenants, Christian tithing, the legacy of Ambassador Report and Herbert W. Armstrong. See the print version of The Journal.

Paul Yoos, with assistance from his wife, Christine, writes that Joshua 5 does not hold the key to understanding the wave sheaf. One of the consequences of the old WCG's traditional understanding of Joshua 5 and the way the WCG, since 1974, counted 50 days from Unleavened Bread to Pentecost, was that more changed than just Monday to Sunday. The other change, which most Church of God people are not aware of, says Mr. Yoos, is that in some years Pentecost is not just one day different but a whole week different from the pre-1974 observance. (This article appeared in the June 1999 print version of the Journal.)

On the "Columns and Commentary" page, Steven Collins says mandatory tithes are a Pharisaic tradition; Jim and Gai Quigley marvel that no one mentioned Y2K in Feast sermons this year; Dave Havir asks if you believe if human reason is a sin; Melvin Rhodes wonders if Christians should vote; and Royce Mitchell, Jr. asks if any organization could possibly be Christian.

Christian Biblical Church of God founder Fred Coulter visits New Zealand and Australia. Bruce Porteous reports.

Here are more reports from at least 200 Feast of Tabernacles sites worldwide. Brethren from around the world write about their Feasts--from Mystic to Mombassa and points beyond. The print version includes several pictures from Feast sites. For more Feast reports, see the October and December 1999 issues of The Journal.

UCG-AIA elder are asked to ratify the much-discussed rules of association by Dec. 17.

In an essay, Norman Edwards, publisher of Servants' News, says Christians should hold fast. But hold fast to what? He also wonders if right government can eliminate politics and corruption.

Another essay writer, Ken Westby of the Association for Christian Development, poses a question: What was the first holy thing?

The Churches of God Outreach Ministries places a full-page ad Nov. 26-28 in USA Today: "The Key to the Book of Revelation."

Church of God International cofounder Guy Carnes dies Nov. 2.

The half-century-old Bible Sabbath Association elects a new president, Sydney Davis, Jr.

Steven Kieler and friends have begun a new "help line" for people in need of spiritual or physical help.

A new Web site offers articles for downloading.

In "Notes and Quotes," Alfred Harrell and his Christian Leadership Academy plan their next campaign for Albuquerque Jan. 8, 2000, and Giving & Sharing begins a new phone hookup for Sabbath services.

In Connections, Darlene Warren outlines for you would-be deer hunters how to bag the big bucks.

Also in Connections, Darlene's husband, John, reports on a recent camp-out in Oklahoma: sleeping on the ground and eating canned beans.

Connections runs classified ads, including prayer requests. See many more Connections ads in the print version of The Journal.

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