Church of God service opens help line

FORT DODGE, Iowa--Steven J. Kieler has announced the formation of a new service, or "help line," for people in need of spiritual or physical help.

Those using the service may request materials, personal contact or both regarding addictions and emotional, family and other personal problems.

There is no cost and everything is confidential.

"We are accepting names of volunteers who can lend a compassionate ear and offer assistance to those in need," said Mr. Kieler.

"To make this work, we hope to enlist people who have experienced a particular problem in the categories listed who can be deeply empathetic.

"People professionally qualified may also serve, although no fees may be charged.

"Helpers should periodically pray, fast and examine themselves to effectively serve in this capacity."

For more information write Mr. Kieler at 2193 Sheker Dr., Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501, U.S.A. Phone him at (515) 576-5743, or E-mail him at

The help line will receive assistance, advice and material from Rosy Halley of Chandler, Texas, who publishes Prayer Lines on the Internet; Richard Nickels of Gillette, Wyo., director of Giving & Sharing; and Earl Lewis of Neck City, Mo., who operates Seed Ministries.

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