Editorial: Y2K remarkably absent from Feast sermons

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By Jim and Gai Quigley

MONTEREY, Calif.--Thanks be to God for inspiring Gary Fakhoury and his lovely wife to research and write such a definitive Y2K article ["How Does Y2 Fit With Prophecy and Future of the Churches?," Oct. 25] and to The Journal for printing it.

We have been involved with the local Monterey-area Y2K group (MAY2K) for more than a year, and all the in-depth research we've seen indicates we should be preparing for something more on the order of a 6 or 7 on the Fakhoury scale.

It's not going to be a walk in the park. Anyone who thinks the national power grid will be able to stay up and everything will be fine just has not done his or her homework.

Many so-called experts have not looked at the problem as a whole, especially when you consider the possibility of 250,000 or more embedded-chip failures plus the corporate and governmental system problems.

Programmers and information-technology staffs have anonymously admitted lying to their bosses and the media about the actual compliance of the systems entrusted to them.

(See articles on and in The Logos Journal, November 1999.)

Although it probably will not all come down on Jan. 1, we may likely experience "waves" of brownouts and blackouts over a period of possibly two to six months.

The recent NBC television program Y2K: The Movie was just a sample of what we can expect.

White House food order

The president's assurance that the nation will be all right just as long as we have food for three days and half a tank of gas in our vehicles seems to be ludicrous in light of the potential problems. That the White House recently took delivery of the largest order for emergency food supplies ever just doesn't help me feel that we have nothing to be concerned about.

The fact that the president has lied under oath to the United States Congress and betrayed the American people only makes me wonder how we can possibly trust him or his staff to tell us the truth about anything so vital, especially in light of the rash of unprecedented dictatorial powers he has recently taken for himself and FEMA through presidential executive orders.

(If you are not familiar with their contents, take a look at them. They will enlighten you. You should be able to do this via the Net.)

Pardon me, Gary, but we just don't see the world moving toward greater democracy. That may be what we're expected to believe, but that is not what is happening!

We don't want to hear these kinds of things, do we?

But what really bothers us is reading the glowing Feast of Tabernacles reports in the last few issues of The Journal: News of the Churches of God, which covered everything except Y2K! With fewer and fewer days remaining as we approach Y2K, it is amazing how Christians in and out of the Churches of God are responding to these and the many other warnings from well-informed and financially disinterested experts about the impending Y2K crisis.

Unfortunately, most Church of God organizations are either urging their congregations just to prepare for three days to a week or are not doing anything at all.

Why is this? Are the so-called shepherds and leaders of the greater Christian community and the Churches of God asleep at their posts? Why are they so quiet? They are commanded by God to sound the alarm and warn the people of the nations. It's time for them to wake up and do their jobs.

We need to be awakened and aroused to action. This type of irresponsibility can lead only to wholesale hardships and potential disaster for both the individual members and the organizations themselves. Having a million dollars in reserve won't cut any ice with God if you have abdicated your responsibilities as spiritual shepherds.

The frozen chosen

Satan is on a big-time roll. He believes victory is almost within his grasp. It's time for us to use God's Spirit and our God-given intelligence to find the answers.

We might start by humbly going to God and asking for the help, intervention and guidance we need. Beseech Him to melt the hearts of the frozen chosen and stir us into action.

As Gary said, God is the only real expert on Y2K.

However, Scripture tells us we have a responsibility to stand for Christ, especially when we come to understand even these matters through the Holy Spirit.

Isn't it time for spiritual Israel to stand up and warn others, to blow a trumpet?

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