UCG-AIA sets seminars for Remnant COG

GILMER, Texas--The United Church of God, an International Association, plans to send three elders to the West African nation of Ghana in December to conduct seminars for the Remnant Church of God.

Les McCullough of Cincinnati, Ohio, president of the UCG-AIA, speaking Nov. 27 before the United congregation that meets here, said that, after contact with the Remnant brethren through UCG elder Fred Kellers of Nashville, Tenn., the UCG arranged to conduct a series of seminars in Kumasi, Ghana, about "basic doctrines" of the Church of God.

Mr. McCullough said the Africans are not asking the America-based group for any money, that they are interested only in learning more about church teachings.

"After all," said Mr. McCullough, "it is our responsibility to communicate what we have been given."

Mr. McCullough said Mr. Kellers has maintained contact with the Remnant COG for three or four years.

The tentative list of men traveling to Ghana to conduct the seminars includes Jim Franks of Cypress, Texas; Doug Horchak of Windsor, Colo.; and Joel Meeker of O'Fallon, Mo.

Mr. Franks plans to travel from Ghana on to Johannesburg, South Africa, to visit United members there the Sabbath of Dec. 11.

Mr. McCullough also announced that a radio program called The World Tomorrow, produced and sponsored by the United Church of God British Isles (affiliated with the UCG-AIA), will soon begin broadcasting over shortwave frequencies from Radio Luxembourg.

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