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Worldwide Church of God reports 2007 membership statistics
United Church of God dedicates new church building in Big Sandy
Church of God Big Sandy board expels trustee
Part of Worldwide Church of God's former Ambassador College property in receivership.
Elder Aaron Dean censured by United Church of God council
United Church of God council condemns bloc voting among ministers.
United Church of God elder offers opinion on Texas move and on the general conference.
Rod Meredith of Living Church of God disfellowships Fred Coulter a third time.
Orlin Grabbe, Ambassador College graduate, dies.
Vote changes complexion of United Church of God council of elders.
Servants' News, in its 12th year, continues with new 64-page issue
Raymond McNair Dies
Christian Educational Ministries and Tyler Church of God rumors a 'nonstory'
Feast of Tabernacles sites list provided by The Journal.
Christian Educational Ministries moving away from Tyler Church of God
New Bible-research association clarifies goals, purposes, targeted audience and name change
United Church of God Big Sandy votes to transfer building ownership
Association for Biblical Research to open first of twenty-five schools in December
Feast of Tabernacles 2008 reports from readers
Sam Bacchiocchi, advocate for Sabbath observance, dies
Other News and Articles
Longtime Church of God member Jim Ussery dies in Big Sandy
Women at Texas conference learn to grow along the way.
'A Sabbath Test' booklet inspires restaurant debate
Events leading to expulsion of Big Sandy board member began two years ago.
Organizers of Dallas symposium and ART Ministries shooting for something new.
Another new ministry starts up in Big Sandy.
The Worldwide Church of God's backslide into Protestantism: Now it can be told
Nursing home calls former Church of God patient 'miracle man'
Jamaican elders, laity willing to defend beliefs in debates with other Christians and nonbelievers
A homeschooler found us Burmese okra
Church of God Women thankful for United Christian Ministries Alabama Conference
Historic Interviews of Roderick Meredith now on The Journal Web site.
Former Church of God (Seventh Day) president discusses Church of God history and Herbert Armstrong
Philadelphia Church of God's Armstrong College busy making a splash in Oklahoma and Israel
Former Ambassador faculty member recalls how a disability led to a career of a lifetime.
Book compares preachers of 'New Truth' to insects
Cornerstone Fellowship gets a new building in Atlanta, TX
Church of God Big Sandy scout program grows
East Texas church ladies organize local troop of Frontier Girls
2008 Feast of Tabernacles report from Mombassa Kenya
Prepare now for March 2009 East Texas Women's Conference
Author requests help with his study of the Worldwide Church of God offshoots
Commentaries, Columns and Essays
Here's a point to ponder: Promote peace by Reginald Killingley
Do you believe in apostolic succession? by Dave Havir
When is it your duty to split a church? by Eric Snow
Friends: Where did they go? by Dennis Diehl
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Issue 132:  Letters to EditorNotes & Quotes  and  Life Events

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