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Worldwide Church of God
reports membership stats in newsletter

The Worldwide Church of God, based in Glendora, Calif., says its current membership list includes 34,500 members in 94 countries, although some of that number may be people who attend church services but are not officially members. The statistics appear in the January-February 2008 issue of Together newsletter and were compiled by church official Randal Dick for an August 2007 elders’ conference.

Here is a breakdown of the stats by region:

Asia: 968 in 13 countries, including 380 in Bangladesh, 124 in Malaysia, 224 in Sri Lanka and five in China.

Europe: 1,980 in 14 countries, including 871 in the United Kingdom, 391 in France and 163 in Germany.

Africa: 6,500 in 28 countries, including 900 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 831 in Kenya and 696 in South Africa.

Australia and the Pacific: 1,804 in nine countries, including 1,434 in Australia, 183 in New Zealand and 69 in Papua New Guinea.

Philippines: 6,225.

Caribbean: 929 in 14 countries, including 154 in Trinidad and Tobago.

Latin America: 757 in 13 countries, including 242 in Mexico and 132 in Colombia.

Canada: 4,476.

United States:


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