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2008 Feast of Tabernacles report
from Mombassa Kenya

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2008 Feast of Tabernacles report
from Mombassa Kenya

by James Waema Mutulu

The voice in the wilderness church of God in Africa held its feast this year in Diani Beachalets Cottages, situated at the southern coast of Kenya, E. Africa, along the shores of Indian Ocean.

The feast began with a toasting message on the opening night by  Brother Bill Goff from New Jersey, in U.S.A.  He narrated how we as a church are representatives of God's family here on earth and how we are being prepared to be born into God's family and to inherit His soon coming kingdom, united in one mind, the mind of  Christ, and agreeing in that one life of God.

This speech did set the stage for what we did the rest of the week. It did give a ringing reminder of why we have to keep the feast, and  why it is a special occasion in which brethren learn to live with each other and have a foretaste of how it will be once we are born in that one family.

The following morning was the first day of the feast, a holyday and a commanded assembly. It saw us unite in a morning and afternoon service, with messages from Brother Bill and, brother Mutulu respectively.

In all the messages, God did teach us on how we can become one.   We saw how we can't decide to unite; we saw how we can't be united by sharing one name; saw how we can't be truly united by a mere sharing of just a one mind. God did reveal to us how the church unity can only be arrived at, i.e., by sharing the one and only mind of Christ, which takes every individuals free will choice to put it on.

This understanding did create a stronger social atmosphere, which painted the true picture of the feast.  Brethren were able to lovingly share everything they had.  Families did visit each other in their various cottages and ate together.

On the third day, we were treated to a boat sailing into the ocean where we had a chance to behold the beauty of God's creation.  We saw different types of fish and other countless sea creatures.  We also beheld the endless deep blue waters, enjoying the wonders that God has made.

Around the cottage is a natural forest, which is a home for different  types of monkeys. Throughout the eight days, we had a lot of things to behold.  We enjoyed a very abundant time where we weren't worried of what to eat, where to sleep or what to do.  God, through his servants, made it possible for us to have this kind of set-up.  It truly made us to see clearly and understand why it is very necessary for every true Christian to strive to enter the soon coming kingdom.  Yes, it painted the true joy, peace and happiness, which we will be enjoying once in the kingdom of our Father.

This left every one of us renewed and empowered in our desire to develop the holy righteous character, necessary for entering the kingdom, seeing that it was that good.

After the Last Great Day, all the brethren departed to their respective areas and are now busy fighting for perfection.

We of the E. African congregation are very thankful to God, who has put so much great love in the hearts of our brethren abroad, who did assist us in making the feast a success and who put the world tomorrow atmosphere in it through their donations.  This was more evidence to us of how, at the end of the day, all humanity will be the one family of God, with the outgoing concern for each other.

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