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Notes and Quotes

Chuck Dickerson dies

MINDEN, Nev.--Chuck Dickerson, 64, former WCG minister, died Jan. 13, 2008, of a heart attack after several years of deteriorating health.

Mr. Dickerson was a 1969 graduate of Ambassador College in Pasadena, Calif. He served as a minister for 11 years and then pursued other interests in Nevada, mainly operating a small-aircraft-repair business and flying charter planes.

He is survived by his wife, Terri; his brother John of Fayetteville, Ark.; his son Chris of Minden; his daughter Jo Lynn of Las Vegas, Nev.; his daughter Kelly of Denver, Colo.; and several grandchildren.

Mrs. Dickerson receives mail at 2618 Gordon Ave, Minden, Nev. 89423, U.S.A.

Women in Arkansas

HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, Ark.--Rosemarie Halley announces a women's conference in Hot Springs, Ark., at the Sabbath Day Church of God's building, 2998 Park Ave. (Highway 7), from Friday evening, May 16, through lunch on Sunday, May 18, 2008.

The conference theme will be "God's Greatest Gift," a reference to 1 Corinthians 13:13.

"This conference will be for all ladies, including the teenage ladies," Mrs. Halley said.

For information for would-be participants and volunteers, see, or write Mrs. Halley at or 24 Jumilla Ln., Hot Springs Village, Ark. 71909, U.S.A.



On the road with Bob

BIG SANDY, Texas--The Buckaroo Bob Puppet Show, playing in the Church of God Big Sandy for two years now, is busy visiting other churches.

Puppets and their handlers performed for the Waco Church of God Feb. 16, 2008, in episodes titled "Stealing" and "Bearing False Witness."

Puppeteers and crew are Jared Weese, Karen Weese, Wayne Weese, Nancy White and Wes White, all of the Big Sandy area.

If you are interested in Buckaroo Bob doing a show for your local congregation, contact Mr. White at or P.O. Box 1062, Texas 75755, U.S.A.

The puppets will also appear at the United Christian Ministries' Feast site this fall, Mr. White said.

Tornado damage

LAFAYETTE, Tenn.--Two Church of God members lost their home here in a tornado Feb. 5, 2008.

United Church of God elder Fred Kellers, after visiting Jimmy and Judy Law, members of the UCG, said the Laws "have everything they need" but "they do need prayer, including prayer that Jimmy is able to find a used dump truck to replace the 17-foot dump truck that was damaged.

"He feels that he can repair the older 14-foot truck ... to keep his business going until he can find a longer truck."

A few days later, President George W. Bush toured the damaged area and visited with Mr. and Mrs. Law.

2008 One God Seminars

AUBURN, Wash.--Seattle is the site set for the seventh annual One God Seminars May 31 through June 2, 2008, announced founder Ken Westby.

"The Saturday and Sunday sessions will feature several new presenters introducing material not previously examined," Mr. Westby told The Journal. "These seminars offer an objective inquiry into the nature of God and Jesus Christ, the most important of all biblical topics."

See for details, or write Mr. Westby at or P.O. Box 4748, Federal Way, Wash. 98063, U.S.A.

The Movie Lady

HOUSTON, Texas--Ron Lohr encourages donations of videotapes and DVDs to an organization called Films of Inspiration.

Faye "The Movie Lady" McLeod takes the movies to men in prisons and missions, he said.

Movies of Christian and inspirational content may go to Ms. McLeod at 1938 Woodvine, Houston, Texas 77055, U.S.A.

Mr. Lohr receives E-mail at

COG member's new book

LODI, Calif.--Roy Marrs, a longtime member of the Church of God 7th Day based in Denver, Colo., has a new book out about Sabbath observance and related topics, Yours in the Master's Service.

It's $10 plus $2.47 shipping and handling, or $18 for two copies plus $2.81 shipping and handling.

To order or request more information write Roy A. Marrs at 102 Mokelumne River Dr., Lodi, Calif. 95240, U.S.A., or

Two million and who's counting?

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.--The year just ended, 2007, marked 12th consecutive year of increased popularity and "ability to reach the world with God's truth," announced Alan Ruth. Visit the site, operated by Mr. Ruth's Barnabas Ministries, to check out its impressive content.

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